Batwing Fairing Mounting Mod.

- Virg's Install

- Chuck Fourby's Install

- WoodCarver's Install

DOWNLOADABLE PDF for all three of the above.



Hope this info helps

The Batwing mounts I used are Factory FLH brackets. I used the Fire and steel Kawasaki windshield mounts

The Drifter I put this FLH bat wing on was a 1999, it had a light bar on it and I didn't need to move the signals. If you have a light bar you may not have to fool with moving or making extensions for your signal mount.

I did have to move the signal lights on our 2005 Drifter 1500 but not on my 01 with the running light bar.

Spacers are used between the windshield mtg. bracket and the fairing bracket to achieve the correct spacing to mount the fairing.

Front View of Spacers

Front view of installed brackets

If you do not have an aftermarket light bar installed, you will probably need to move the signal light bar in order to get the fairing low enough

Move your front turn-signal bracket ahead 2 3/4", that will be your bolt mounting points this has to be done or the fairing won't fit" I used 1"X1/8" thick strap about 3 1/4" long to make these two side brackets they have to be fitted and bent for the offset. Then I used a piece of 1/8" thick plate about 2 3/4" wide and and 3" long bent down slightly on the tree end and the signal mount end to match up.

For the bottom extension fit it to the signal bracket lower mount on the two bolts that are in the bottom of the lower triple tree. That took the most time to get right, the rest is easy.


Chuck's Install

Woodcarver's Install

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