Batwing Fairing Mounting Mod.

- Virg's Install

- Chuck Fourby's Install

- WoodCarver's Install

DOWNLOADABLE PDF for all three of the above.



FLH Fairing

This is an inside look at an early FLH fairing, windshield, and brackets. Remember when searching on E-bay for a fairing, look for an early FLH or many times they are listed as a shovelhead fairing.

Brackets brackets
These are the fairing mounting brackets I fabricated! They will catch the top two bolts of the Drifter windshield mount, and the signal light mounting bolt hole on the bottom.

Instead of using the spacers as Virg did, I replaced the lower L-brackets with those that I have diagramed in this picture. That allowed for them to be wide enough to attach to the lower two mounting bolts on the fairing. >

I had a machine shop make the new L- shaped brackets*** (see pic) slightly longer, to accomodate the width difference. The L-shaped brackets are slotted. I am sorry, I do not have any pictures of my L-brkts mounted to the fairing bracket :(


Virg's Install

Woodcarver's Install

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