DRIFTER/VULCAN Cross Reference


These parts are reported by Drifter Riders to be compatible with the Drifter. We have NOT confirmed all of these, so use your own judgement.

Thanks to all who have contributed to this list.
  • shibumi69 - for the Indian "lore"
Drifter Part Compatable Part Drifter 1500/800 Comments
Brake and Clutch Master Cylinder Classic/Nomad 1500 1500
Grips Classic/Nomad 1500 800/1500 Lots of standard grips will work. Just remember throttle sleeve on the right hand grip.
Brake Rotors Classic/Nomad 1500 1500  
Air Boxes Classic/Nomad 1500 FI 1500 FI FI Models only
Chrome Inner Engine Cover Classic/Nomad Chrome 1500
1500 Engine Dressup - Misc. Classic/Nomad 1500 1500
Ignition Relocation Kits Classic/Nomad 1500 1500 The ones that put the ignition in the dash do not fit 01-04 Drifters but fit other years
Exhaust (pipes) Classic 1500 1500 Change the right side peg bracket to a classic 1500 peg bracket and you can use any set of pipes made for 1500 Classic - plus the pipes will be rubber mounted. Drifter peg bracket does not have rubber mount.
Exhaust (pipes) Classic 800 800 Change the right side peg bracket to a classic 800 peg bracket and you can use any set of pipes made for 800 Classic.
Front Forks Classic 1500 800/1500 Since the front end of the 1500 and 800 are the same, should work on the 800 as well (not confirmed).
Front Fenders Indian/Gilroy Front Fender 1500 These are steel and a mods are required.
Drifter Fenders 1500/800 These are interchangeable for 800 and 1500 drifters.
Fender Lights Indian/Gilroy Indian Head. 1500/800 Mods required
Fender tips Indian Fender Tips 800/1500 Pathfinder version has been recommended
Fender Guard Rails Indian Fender Guard Rails 800/1500 These will bolt up according to source.
Windshield For Drifters 800/1500 800/1500 DRIFTER windshields are interchangable
Engine Guard Classic 1500 FI 1500
  Starklite 800/1500 The crash bars front and rear can be modified but are a lot of work.
Light Bar Classic 1500 1500 Nomad bar doesn't fit.
Headlight Visor Harley Fits better than Kaw version.
Headlight/Nacelle Gilroy Indian 800/1500 The Gilroy teardrop head light and nacelle with the cool teardrop running lights.
Tail Light Indian 800/1500 Entire Tail light assembly can be modified to fit drifter
Solo Saddle 1500 Nomad 1500 2006 Nomad may be different
Seats Indian designs 800/1500 Solo and chummie from various sources can be modifed to fit.
Rear Wheel Classic/Nomad 1500 1500
Rear Wheel/Rim Kawasaki Concours
Kawasaki Classic
1500 See the wheels tips page
Rear fender mounted luggage rack Various for Indian 800/1500 Can't really carry anything.
Rear Fender Tool Kit Indian 800/1500 The original rear fender tool kit can be adapted.
Chrome Shaft Drive Classic/Nomad 1500 1500 Must cut a notch in it for Drifter
Tank Bib/Bra/Strap Same year classic 1500 1500 check year because of tank size change
Tank Badges Indian/Gilroy 800/1500 Mod required
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