Wheels - Compatable with Drifter

Several Drifter owners have reported that certain rear wheels from other Kawasaki models will fit the Drifter. This gives you the option of moving from wire rims to mag style rims.


I used a rear wheel from a 95 Vulcan 1500, they are a 15" Mag style rim. I used a 150/90/15" tire to get the same wheel/tire height as the OEM 150/80/B16" 71H. The disc bolts right up, bearings are the same, so it is a "Bolt on" deal. No Mod's needed. So far I have about 7000 miles on it with out any Problems. I bought this one from Ebay for $50.00 plus $18.00 for shipping.
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  Concours Disc Rotor in (11") 6 bolt mount.

  Drifter rear Disc Rotor.  (12.625") 7 bolt mount.

I have looked at disc options and there is no 6 bolt mount that will fit the Concours rear wheel in  12.625" a custom built Disc is near $200 bucks. so at this point the Concours rear wheel is not a good Option for a Drifter it will not be a bolt up mod with out spending a fair bit of money. So I'm done with this Project. I'll find another rear wheel from an early  1500 Vulcan in the 15" rim like the one I put on the 05 Drifter 1500. this wheel is a easy bolt on mod .


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