Integrate the front turn signals with Spots

-Keith Ramsay (KARamsay)

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I rewired the light bar to make the spotlight blink when the signals are activated. This is similar to the way that Denny Berg had it set up on the Super Chief, and the mod that CAE would do for you.

You can take 2 SPDT relays and wire it in to the factory turn signal connections.

Here is the wiring:

30 - constant 12v to TS

85 - Signal 12v to TS

86 - Ground to TS and Ground to light (2 wires)

87 - <nothing connected>

87A - 12V to light

You have to make up a set for each side. Advice - use 18 guage wire, I had a really hard time getting 2 16 guage wires through the fitting into the spotlight.

If you wanted to, you could also replace the bulb in the spotlights with a yellow one to be a little more DOT compliant.

I placed the relays in the headlight bucket for convenience. If I ever want to "undo" the mod for an inspection or something all I need to do is unplug the spots and plug in the turn signals after bolting them back on.

Short and simple on the relay - the 30 is connected to 87A unless the relay senses current at 85. if there is current at 85, the relay switches the connection from 87A to 87. BEcause 87 is not used, it just turns off the power supply to the light bulb.

Wiring Diagram


Turn Signal Mod
turn signal mod
turn signal mod
turn signal mod

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