Oil Filters for 800 and 1500 Vulcan Drifter and most other Vulcans

You probably need to verify these numbers for yourself.

NOTE: Due to a recall certain 2003 model drifters (and other vulcans) required a modified oil filter setup. See Bulletin .

The following is the Kawasaki part number for the kit needed to replace the filter on these bikes.


*1) K&N indicates 1999-2002 Drifter 800's should use KN-303 or 303C.

These are the same size/specs as the 204, excepting the relief valve pressure is 18.13psi vs 14.5psi on the 204 and KN-303 is 3.346in(85mm) in height, vs 2.953(75mm) on the KN-204.



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