2 in 1 Classic Roadhouse        
Dooleys Roadhouse 56-150-173      
Serrated Heatshields for Dooleys Roadhouse        
Muffler Tip Shark Style Roadhouse 50-130      
2in1 Upsweep Cobra Including Matt Black Ceramic Coated      
Fragon Air Filter Box Sherms        
Techlusion Fuel Chip Sherms        
Crash/Engine Bars Cobra Specify Drifter      
Crash/Engine Bars Lindby        
Crash/Engine Bars Fire and Steel        
Oil filler cap,
Engine & Final Drive
Fire and Steel K53020-173      
Oil Line Banjo F&S K53020-179      
Inner Engine Cover F&S K53020-196      
Outer Engine Cover F&S K53020-325      
RHS Engine Cover Arlen Ness DS325285      
RHS Engine Cover - used as Dragon Airfilter Cover Arlen Ness DS325285      
Engine Mount Cover F&S K53020-108, (2)      
Engine Mount Cover F&S K53020-280      
Engine Mount Plate F&S K53020-154A      
Choke Knob Cover F&S K53020-172      
Choke Knob Cover F&S K53020-171      
Waterpump Cover F&S K53020-194      
Radiator Trim F&S K53020-190M      

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