Judges 1500 & 1600 Clutch-spring-washers instructions.

Refer to the Clutch Spring Replacement instructions for the disassembly instructions.

The washers in this kit are to be used with ALL other O.E. clutch parts.

(EDITOR NOTE: Gadget's Opinion here is based upon use of the old weaker spring and single holder. With new washer and double holders I don't think this is the case any longer.) When installed properly, the clutch-spring-life will be (at LEAST), doubled!! You will also notice a more positive clutch “feel”, quicker “roll-on” acceleration and in many cases, a smoother shifting transmission.

This assembly will increase rear wheel traction. Make sure to match engine speed (RPMs) to ground speed as you down-shift. If not, the rear wheel can lock and skid, causing loss of control!! This kit will make the clutch work similar to the “old-style” pre-slipper clutches that are on most bikes, including the VN800 and VN2000.



The assembly MUST LOOK LIKE THIS when installed on the holder ( from engine side out)

Engine] ><> I } * I
Engine] 3 limiter springs Small ID washer Clutch Spring See Note Large ID washer

*(LATE 1500’s and 1600’s). If you have the factory installed “indexing-washer” install it as it was, between the spring and the large washer. It may be eliminated ONLY if the M/Streak spring is used WITH the washers. I do NOT have data on the life expectancy of the spring, when eliminating the indexing washer. (The Late models have had the “holder” back-cut the thickness of the indexing washer.)

1600 riders….I NEED DATA! I’m having more and more calls for the 1600 (& late 1500 kits)

For 2-up riding, performance or towing, I highly recommend using the Mean Streak spring, (Kawasaki part # 92145-1449). A slight increase clutch-lever-pull may be noticed!

If you have removed the clutch plates to check them, make SURE that the last plate installed is in a “short-slot” of the clutch-basket, NOT the same “slots” as all other plates or your clutch will begin to slip after just a few miles! Make sure that you align the oil-pump-gear WITH the clutch-basket-gear or damage to the gear may occur when the 27mm nut is torqued or on start up! Rev. 8 / 26 / 08


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