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I now had the basic stand completed but needed to prevent to whole assembly from rotating when the weight of the bike acted upon it. The clamping on the cross tube would not be sufficient to prevent this. I decided to manufacture a component which would solve this problem and its mounting point would be a position onceoccupied by the Catalyser mount (see photo 02).

Photo #2

A bracket was made to attach to section one and to bolt through the mounting hole by means of a machined plug, this would counter the rotating forces (see photos 09 and 22).

Photo #9 Photo #22

My first intention was to attach adjustable feet directly to the ends of the legs. This was not a success, the legs are too close together and the bike was unstable, it was easy to rock from side to side, so to plan B. I made another section to spread the weight over a much wider platform. I used square tube with solid sections welded in place to drill and counter bore for cap head screws to attach to the legs. I made special bolts to screw into the legs, with another threaded hole in the centre to attach the tubular platform. These long bolts can be adjusted in/out to level and raise the bike, a locknut locks the assembly once adjusted (see photo 21, 23, 24, 25).

Photo #21 Photo #23
Photo #24 Photo #25

I decided to fit a device which would apply spring pressure to hold the stand both in the up and down positions. This took the form of a bar welded to section one and a mounting point welded to section two. The component on section two is also a point where the stand can be operated by your foot when using it(see photos 13, 14).

Photo #13 Photo #14

Because I needed to redesign the feet and change to a wider platform, the weight of the assembly when in the rest position was greater than I had planned. I was concerned that when hitting a bump in the road, it may be possible for the stand to drop, by itself, against the spring pressure. This would not be a disaster, but not something I was happy to accept. The solution was to add a component which would assist holding the stand in the rest position, but would also be easy to release when using the stand. I made a spring clip which is mounted on one of the exhaust clamps. It has a rubber material bonded to the surface which is in contact with the stand to prevent any noise from vibrations (see photos 26, 27, 28, 29).

Photo #26 Photo #27
Photo #28 Photo #29


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