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Material list and procedure to relocate signal lights for mounting larger saddlebags.

Materials required:

1)  2-pieces 1 ½” x 5 ½” mild steel plate (or stainless steel)
2)  4- .165” pins, I used split pins. (roll pins)
3)  2-3/8”x 2” stainless steel bolts
4)  2-3/8”stainless steel nuts
5)  2-3/8” stainless steel lock washers
6)  6-3/8” stainless steel flat washers
7)  2-pieces ¾”x15/16” stainless steel tubing
8)  1-foot split plastic wire loom, black or chrome
9)  2-black zap straps

Remove tail light and both rear signal lights. Store carefully so as not to scratch chrome or lenses.

Cut item 1 as per drawing.

Drill all holes as per drawing.

Drive roll pins into proper holes; using a punch, drive pins about half way through the plate  (item 1 above)

Weld pins in place, from back side (where you drove them in) this will ensure they never move.

Test fit the part to both the signal light, and on the original rubber signal light mount. (Make sure part is cool first)

Mount bracket to original signal light mount. Bracket should sit on top of plastic washer on top bumper mount bolt.

Now the fun part: cut wires from signal light, add 3” using solder and shrink tube, not crimp connectors (they won’t fit in the plastic wire loom)

Next, install signal light through hole in end of bracket, taking care the line-up pin on signal light base fits into hole. Slip 1 stainless steel flat washer over bolt, then slide one piece of stainless steel tubing over bolt; put original nut on to the bolt and tighten, making sure the nut is centered on tubing. (you could tack weld the tubing to the bracket as well)

Install plastic loom over wires, slip loom over end on bolt protruding from the nut and fasten with zap strap.
Plug signal light wiring harness into the proper connector. (grey is right turn, black is left)

Repeat for other side.

Install tail light, ensuring no wires are pinched.

Test to make sure lights work properly.

You are done!!


Dimension “A” on drawing is a variable: length of bracket is dependant on size of saddlebags being mounted. Length wires are extended is dependant on length of bracket; make sure to extend wires enough to tuck connectors in behind taillight as original, and make sure wires are not pulled too tight where they emerge from signal light mounting bolt.

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