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T-Bracket (Triangular-Bracket) and Spacer

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Necessity is the mother of invention (development). This is the case for the T-Bracket w/ Spacer. All it really does is allow the use of aftermarket exhaust systems designed to mount on stock Drifter 1500 rear footpeg bracket (solid 2 holes), to be used with the Kaw 1500 Classic rear (right-hand) footpeg bracket ( 1 hole with grommet).

There are many ways to accomplish this same end result which "to me" makes quite a lot of difference in the amount of vibration passed on to bike and allows some flexing of the exhaust sys. At this time, I use it on the Cobra 2into1 exhaust on my Drifter 1500. Seems other aftermarket exhaust sys. that mount to stock Drifter 1500 footpeg bracket (solid 2 holes) could benefit as well.

Hopefully if you are reading this, pictures of mine are available to you, as pictures are worth a thousand words. I developed this bracket for use with the Kaw 1500 Classic footpeg bracket (P/N 35011-1922 cost at dealer $47.98, had to be ordered).

The stock exhaust system was used as a guide in proper fitment, alignment, as to help prevent any binding. On mine, the bracket is a straight flat 3 hole triangular shaped 1/8" (steel) and the spacer 3/16" thick (alum.). "T-Bracket hole placement, size and spacing" along with "Spacer thickness -3/16 in." are very important for, proper alignment and function.

The grommet in the Classic footpeg bracket are the same ones, from the stock "goat bladder" "exhaust collector" "converter" on the Drifter 1500. There are 2 grommets sets (2pc. ea.) right and left side used to mount "goat bladder" to frame(so you have a spare). The bolts and flat washer(lrg.) used to mount the "goat bladder" to frame are re-used on the Classic footpeg mount (through grommet).

You will need the proper nut (metric) to fit this bolt(take it with you). While shopping I recommend buying 2 - 3/8"x3/4" allen head bolts(length important as to no hit swing arm), 2 - 3/8" nuts for bolts, 3 - 3/8" inside star lock washers. The material you chose for bolts should not conflict with exhaust mount appearance. Stainless Steel would be nice on chrome, but not too good to paint(if needed).

At sometime previous to this you will have decided how you will make/have made bracket and spacer. If purchasing steel for T-Bracket, I used 1/8" thick. For the spacer I used 3/16" thick alum.(easier to cut), washers may work for this. The thickness of the spacer is very important and must be equal on both bolts, 3/16 in.

Now for install explanation (sort of). 1. Change out the stock Drifter 1500 footpeg bracket, to the 1500 Classic footpeg bracket, mounts same. 2. Install grommet(from goat bladder mount) in new footpeg bracket. 3. Change the passenger footpeg over to newly installed Classic bracket. 4. After T-Bracket and Spacer finished attach them to the exhaust loosely with the 2 -3/8"x 3/4" allen head bolts, through exhaust flange, Spacer(backside of ex. flange), T-Bracket, lock washer, nut. 5. If exhaust already installed just swap out footpeg brackets and install T-Bracket and Spacer. 6. Install instructions for exhaust sys. will determine when you hang rear of exhaust to bracket. 7. Bolt through flat washer(lrg), grommet, T-Bracket, lock washer, nut (metric). I used this to support the rear of the exhaust (attached loosely), fitted and tightened exhaust system at head flanges (acorn nuts), then tightened the 2 allen head bolts, then the bolt and nut through grommet.

Stan "TabascoStan" Harper VDOG#216 VROC#5723


Troll's Solution

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  • Collar - 92143-1753
  • Damper, Muffler Fitting - 92075-1898

I posted a rubber mount solution that I've been using for years that worked very well. I have a Cobra peace pipe, and I put a set of W-650 rubber muffler mounts in it, and now, at least 25,000 miles later, it is working beautifully. I had the peace pipe off for 2 seasons, 13 & 14. I was running a totally stock exhaust. I put it back on for this year just because...Comparing the two set ups, side by side, as it were, shows me that my mod actually cuts more frame vibration out than the OEM installation.

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