Rubber Mount LEFT side Exhaust

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I did a bit a fab work to my OEM left passenger peg bracket to give it the rubber mount like the right side passenger peg from the classic, it worked out real good.

What I did was saw off the part that sticks out on the back inside of the bracket around the peg mount hole so the area is flat then I made a steel spacer that filled the slot in the out side. Then filed the out side area off about 3/32" just over the area that the the slot is on so a piece of steel strap will lay flat over it and match up with the aluminum of the peg bracket.

Photo #1

I found a piece of pipe that was the same ID as the stock right side mount that the rubber grommet fits into. cut the pipe to the same size as the right side, then welded it to a piece of 1-1/8 X1/8" thick about 4" long strap to fit into the slot in the back top area of the left peg bracket, this will keep it from moving after it's bolted down.

Photo #2

Then ya weld a piece if strap to the out side area of the pipe so it will sandwich the aluminum peg bracket then paint it up when your done it should be a mirror image of the right side peg mount" bolt it on to your frame and hang the left exhaust to it, now you have a rubber mount on Both sides.

Photo #3

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