Install Front Rotor Cover

- Virg



  1. Remove front fender caliper cover (plastic piece with vent slots).
  2. Loosen axle shaft nut and axle shaft pinch bolt.
  3. Raise bike on lift so front wheel barely clears the ground with the rear wheel still touching, for stability.
  4. Remove axle shaft nut and pinch bolt.
  5. Remove axle shaft, slide wheel forward to clear fork tubes, change out left axle spacer with supplied spacers and rotor cover (apply lube to new spacer/axle seal area).
  6. Slide wheel/spacers/rotor cover assembly into position between forks, insert axle shaft and nut.
  7. Through fender opening, rotate rotor cover so that it does not contact the caliper, tighten axle nut and spin wheel to check for clearance/free spinning of wheel. Install axle shaft pinch bolt.
  8. Lower bike, torque all fasteners to spec, replace plastic caliper cover and admire your job well done.

NOTE: These are getting hard to find since Kawasaki has discontinued them. VDR has ordered several for resale, check the VDR store to see if any are left.

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