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1999 Drifter Fire and Steel Accessories Brochure 1999 Drifter Fire and Steel Accessories Brochure
1999 Drifter Press Kit 1999 Drifter Press Kit
1999-2000 Drifter 1500 Wiring Diagram 1999-2000 Drifter 1500 Wiring Diagram
Accessory Power Accessory power outlet in various locations. Adaptable to Drifters.
Accessory Switches Accessory switch information.
Adapting National Cycle Lowers N764 Heavy Duty Chrome Lowers.
Add Vintage Brake Pedal Pads Fitting found vintage (looking) brake pedal pads to the drifter.
Add Vintage HD Shift Pedals to Drifter Add Vintage HD Shift Pedals to Drifter. Fairly easy project. Parts are needed.
Adjust Chain - Drifter 800 Adjust Chain - Drifter 800
Adjusting 800 Monoshock How to adjust the 800 monoshock.
Afterburner Removal - Drifter 800 Afterburner Removal. For 800 Drifter, equivalent to coaster fix for 1500.
Air Filter and Brake Maintenance Video maintenance tips.
Air Horn Install General info on air horn installation.
Air Intake - The Grampsized Air Flow Control System - 800 Air intake modification for the 800.
Air Shock Balancer I like my air shocks on my Vulcan Drifter, but keeping them balanced and charging them up when going from 1 to 2-up was a bit of a drag. Unfortunately, the old Progressive Suspensions AFB1 Air Shock Balance Kit is no longer availa
Air Shock Compressor Retro's Air shock adjuster. No pic. Saved from old vdog site, pics not saved.
Air Shock oil Air Shock Oil
Air Shock Pressure Gauge Air shock pressure guage used in conjunction with air fork balance kit.
Air Shocks Pressures and info Its important to set up the suspension properly.
Alternator Cover Alternator/Generator Cover. Simple way to change the look of the left side alternator/generator cover.
Anti Swivel for Highway Pegs Anti Swivel for Highway Pegs
Automanuals Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Drifter Owner's Manual This manual provides safety information, operation instructions and maintenance and storage recommendations for your Vulcan 1500 Drifter.Manual that came with new Drifters
Automotive Wire & Wiring Guide Automotive Wire & Wiring Guide from TESSCO
Auxiliary Fuel Tank Auxiliary fuel tank mods/tips
Backrest for OEM Seat Hoss's approach to the oem seat backrest problem. No text, just pics.
Battery - How to Check a battery How to Check a Motorcycle Battery. Part of the series: Repairing Harley Davidson Motorcycles: DIY
Battery - How to Maintain your Bike Battery Watch Joe Conry of J&P Cycles as he teaches you how to properly maintain your Motorcycle Battery. Don’t get leave for your favorite Motorcycle rally or go cruising around town and get stuck on the side of the road.[/fon
Battery Maintenance 1 The humble battery is often over looked on a motorcycle. People seem to think “if it goes flat, I will just use the charger” WRONG! This isn’t a damn cellphone! This isn’t DRZ400 specific. Most of this applies to all motorcycles.[
Battery Maintenance 2 J&P Cycles shows you how to maintain the battery in your motorcycle as part of a series on regular motorcycle maintenance and up keep. This tips is based on a Harley Davidson® motorcycle.For more information, visit us online a
Belt Drive Conversion - 800 Drifter This is a post with info on converting your 800 to a belt drive system.
Brake Fluid Change How to Change Motorcycle Brake Fluid
Brake Pad Replacement And Bleeding If needed Brake Pad Replacement And Bleeding If needed. Pads are the same for the 800 and the 1500.
Cables and Maintenance discuss the function and benefits of properly maintained stock as well as aftermarket cables.
Caddman Air Intake Mod - FI Mod for improving intake
Caddy Tail lights on 800/1500 A couple of examples of adding caddy tail lights to the Drifter 800/1500.
Cam Chain Tensioner Extender - Kawasaki 1500 This repair tip is intended for Vulcan 1500/1600 models. While VN800's have similar tensioners, for whatever reason, they fail far less frequently than the 1500's. We do not know if this tip will work with VN800's.
Carb Jet Number Comparisons Comparison of mfg'r carb jet numbers.
Center Stand Homemade center stand for Vulcans, from John Abbott.
Check the Charging System You can replace the battery, but if its the rectifier you will run fine for a while until the battery discharges then the bike will quit. Short runs will likely not "prove" the fault. I had a bad rectifier on a HD, it ra
Chochise Cheap Spotlight Bar Wanted to add spotlites to my "new" 01/800 . The Vulcan drill mod seemed to cover up the front signals so I extended the front signals out. I used a piece of top chain link fence rail 11/4" diam.
Classic and Drifter Rotors Interchangeable The brake rotors are interchangeable between the Classic and the Drifter. Difference is drilled and "spoked" on the Classic vs smooth and solid on the Drifter.
Classic Pipes on a 1500 Drifter 1500 Classic Pipes on a 1500 Drifter. [/size]This couldn't be any simplier. Just buy the right side peg bracket intended for the 1500 Classic. Then buy pipes designed for the Classic. Yo
Clutch Drags after Clutch Replacement OEM Clutch Drags after Clutch Replacement
Clutch Fix Sticky clutch fix
Clutch Part Numbers Part numbers for clutch spring replacement.
Clutch Spring Replacement Clutch spring replacement. Includes info on improved OEM springs, Judge's washers, and MS spring.
Clymer Clymer Repair Manual for Vulcan 1500 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic, Drifter, Nomad Repair Manual 1996-2008
Cold Idle Fix Reduce the noise of the cold idle solenoid after removal.
Converting from Solo to Double Saddle Additional parts you will need to go from an solo saddle to a double saddle.
Cutting your Windshield This article provide information on cutting your bike windshield
Cylinder Plug Leak Repair Describes how to repair oil leak from cylinder plugs
Denny Berg and Cobra Special Projects Denny Berg and Cobra Special Projects
Discount Tires Calculator Tire/Speedo Calculator The results of this calculator are based on the mathematical equations of the sizes entered, not the actual tire specs provided by the tire manufacturers. Please refer to the guides supplied by manufacturers for exact specificatio
Drifter 1500 Specifications Drifter 1500 Specifications
Drifter 800 Saddle bag mod - You Can Use The OPTIONAL STOCK SADDLEBAG MOUNTS & SUPPORTS on a SOLO SEAT on the 800 DRIFTER,,,,all folks need to do is:
Drifter 800 Specifications Drifter 800 Specifications
Drifter History Page Drifter History Page
Drifter Info Page Drifter Info Page
Drifter Magazine Articles Drifter Magazine Articles
Drifter Pictoral History Drifter Pictoral History
Drifter Q&A with Denny Berg (06/2008) Drifter Q&A with Denny Berg (06/2008)
Drifter Recalls 1) Kawasaki Vehicle Down Sensor 2) Oil filter
Dropped Bike - How to lift a dropped bike A short video and info on lifting a dropped motorcycle.
ECU Fault Codes ECU fault codes and how to extract them.
Electrical Fault Finding Diagram How to Diagnose Electrical System Issues on Motorcycles.
Engine "Coasters" EPA Mod Adding coasters when removing EPA stuff on 1500
Engine Rebuild - JR's Drifter 800  I've taken on the task of rebuilding and restoring a basket case 2001 Kawasaki Vulcan Drifter, and you are welcome to look over my shoulder as I put it together and polish it up.
Exhaust - Gut your Goat Bladder Gutting the "goat's bladder" (catalytic converter) properly is a good alternative to the Dutch bypass at a fraction of the price
Exhaust - Muffle Your Vance & Hines Bagger Hadget, based on an original mod by Slim And Another Way To Go from Wompus, (Creator of the Wompus Rack ) Then a Variation On That Theme From Scott Lidstone & at the bottom, the simple slip on solution.
Exhaust - Rok's Custom Exhaust Rok's Custom Exhaust
Exhaust - VH Longshots to Duals Converting V&H Longshots to Dual exhausts for your Drifter
Exhaust Bracket This is T-Stan's T-bracket which adapts classic right foot peg to drifter pipes. Changing to a classic right passenger footpeg allows pipes to be rubber mounted. Changing to the classic foot peg allows you to use classic pipe
Exhaust Installation Sheets - Roadhouse Dooley  Installation sheets for Roadhouse Dooley... Classic, Drifter, Nomad
Exhaust Mod for 800 Drifter This is an easy mod for the 800 Drifter exhaust to make it a bit louder.
Fairing on a Drifter Install Install a Fairing on a Drifter.Chuck, Virg and Woodcarver tell you how they mounted FLH fairings on their Drifters.
Fender Light - Indian How to install a reproduction Indian headdress fender light on your drifter
Fender Light Install Installation of fender lights, specifically the Indian fender light.
Fenders 800 and 1500 front fenders are interchangeable - so go for it!
Final drive filler cap and Engine oil filler cap 1999 and 2000 1500 Drifter models use the same cap for both the final drive filler and engine oil filler. P# - 16115-10692001 and later the engine oil filler cap is chrome plated. 1611
Final Drive Gear Case Oil Change Gear case final drive oil change.
Floorboard Adapters Universal floorboards which are clamp mounted onto various engine guards etc can be used as passenger floorboards on a 1500 Drifter. Sledhead has provided us with the following mod.
Floorboards 800 and 1500 The floorboards for the 800 and 1500 are NOT compatible. The boards are the same but the brackets etc are very different.
Flush and Fill Radiator - 2 Radiator Flush and Fil
Fork Spring Installation Instructions Instructions for installing street fork springs.
Fork Spring Replacement and Fluid Change Front shock project.
Fork Springs -Vulcan Drifter - Installing Progressive Springs Installing Progressive springs in front forks.
Fuel - Which Grade Gasoline to use in a Drifter The Owner's manual indicates the following:"Use minimum of 90 octane gasoline only to prevent severe engine damage"
Fuel Tank Vapor Lock - 800 Vapor lock fix
Garmin c550 Vehicle Power Cable Mod How I modded my Garmin c550 vehical cigarette power cord to plug into my motorcycle battery.
Gas Cap Topper Curt Taylor's gas cap topper.
Gas Gap Leak Fix - 800/1500 Vulcans suffer from leaking gas caps more often than one might imagine. Here's the solution if it happens to you.
Gas tank removal Gas tank removal instructions.
Grip replacement The threaded caps are left hand threads so turn it to the right to remove. Grips are glued to bar on clutch side and throttle sleeve on throttle side. Check out HAND CONTROLS in the accessories section for replacement throttle sle
Grip Tips Kyle Bradshaw of Cruiser Customizing discusses the most popular grips and the reasons people add them to their bikes.
Handlebar Cross Reference This is a chart with handlebar measurements for all major bike manufacturers courtesy of Flanders Handlebars.
Handlebar Measurements This is a listing of stock handlebar measurements.For drifters, in inches: Dia=1 ; H=5; W = 33.5; Pullback = 14; Center = 6.5; Clamparea = 2x5
HD Nacelle on Vulcan #3 Jobear's Nacelle install on Vulcan
HD Nachelle on Vulcan #1 Time2Ride's installation of an HD headlight nachelle on a Vulcan.
HD Tool Box Install Installation of a left side HD toolbox on a duel exhaust bike.
Head Light Rattle Fixes Several fixes for the headlight ratte problem noted on many drifter 800 and 1500.
Headlight Install for Dummies Leonardo's take on Dave's Indian headlight install.
Headlight Mod - Indian Ridermike has transplanted a headlight meant for a Gilroy Indian Scout or Spirit onto his 800 Drifter… and it looks great. parts from J&P.
Hose Lengths for 1500 Drifter Hose Lengths for Drifter 1500. Clutch - 72.5" Front Brake - 53.25" Rear Brake - 43.25"All info on webpage is listed here.[/[/font]
How to Winterize your Bike Battery Battery - How to Winterize your Bike Battery
Ignition Relocation Mak's ignition relocation mod
Ignition Switch Relocation - Thunder Switch JoBear's relocation of the ignition switch using the thunder switch. JoBear rides a 2000 Drifter 1500. That model has analog speedo and 4.2 gal tank.
Indian Motocycle Company 1953 Indian Chief Catalog This is the OEM parts and accessories catalog for the 1953 Indian Chief.
Invisible Vista Cruise Mod Invisible Vista - how to make the universal vista cruise nearly invisible.
K&N Filter Cleaning Tips Most K&N OEM replacement air filters will normally require cleaning and re-oiling every 50,000 miles.Servicing your K&N Filter is simple; just follow the 4 easy steps below.[/s
Kawasaki Vulcan Drifter 1500 Torque Specs Torque Specs for Drifter 1500 - PDF file.
Kickstart NOT mod This is MAK's version of the fake kickstarter.
Knobs! Make your own knobs for various parts of the bike.
Lay Down License Plate Mod Lay Down License Plate Mod
LED Turn Signal Conversion LED Turn Signal Conversion.DrifterDon's install of EC's kit
Left Peg Mod Rubber mount mod for LEFT side. If you are mounting duel exhausts you might consider this mod.
Lift -For Vulcan Drifter 800 The lift is very stable, I have not encountered any for an aft movement. I am sure others that have them can attest to that. The rear wheel is lifted about an inch on my Drifter as it sits on the lift in my garage.
Light Bar - National Light Bar Instructions for installing National Cycle's light bar pdf file.
Light Bar - No Bar Explains how to add spots without adding a lightbar
Light Bar installation Installation instructions for the Kawasaki, Fire and Steel, light bar.
Lightbar install Drifter 800 Installation of a Kawasaki Light bar (PN-K32001-003) on a 2003 800 Drifter
Location of Engine Number The engine number on most Kawasaki Vulcan engines will be on the left side of the crankcase. Under the bike close to the oil screen plug.
Lowers - Patterns for making your own lowers. Patterns for making your own lowers.
Main Fuse Location Locate the main fuse on 1500/1600 Vulcans.
Maintenance parts and products Parts and products for Drifter maintenance.
Mudflap Patterns - Homemade Patterns for Front and Rear Patterns for Front and Rear Mudflaps for Drifter. NOTE: Clicking on this URL will download the zipped file to your computer.
OEM Replacement Air Filters (K&N) Air filter listing
Oil Filter Listing Oil filters for 1500 Drifter and most other Vulcans
Oil Leak Detection Find oil leaks the first time. Simple process for finding source of a leak
Oil Plug Repair How to fix that stripped oil plug.
Owner Manuals and Service Manuals - 1500 Part numbers and information for Kawasaki Drifter 1500 and 800 owner's and service manuals, including free download of Owner's manual.
Owner Manuals and Service Manuals - 800 Part numbers and information for Kawasaki Drifter 1500 and 800 owner's and service manuals, including free download of Owner's manual.
Pet Cock Positioning The pet cock on the 800 drifter has 3 positions
PM Chart - Kawasaki Drifter 800  Preventative maintenance chart for Kawasaki Vulcan Drifter 800
PM Chart for 1500 Drifter Drifter 1500 periodic maintenance chart .
Radiator Flush and Fill How-to flush, clean and fill your Vulcan drifter radiator.
Radiator Flushing w/o Removing Tank Method for flushing radiator without removing fuel/gas tank.This is a shortcut for the tank portion. Actual coolant replacement etc is not discussed.Rick
Rear (mono) Shock Removal / Reinstallation - Drifter 800 This is Tripwire's walk-through for removal, replacement, and/or re-installation of the mono-shock on the Drifter 80.
Rear Fender Bumpers - 1999/2000 1500 Easy install of rear fender bumpers on 1999 and 2000 1500.
Rear Wheel and Fender Removal Removing Rear Wheel and Fender - T-Stan and Troll.
Rectifier relocation Relocating the rectifier/regular
RED Turn Signals Replacement Red Turn Signals
Remove Smog Stuff - Coasters Remove Smog Stuff 2. This is the more involved method involving use of coasters. Also on Gadget's site.
Remove Smog Stuff - Marbling Marbling of smog control "stuff" to reduce or prevent popping. Also on
Repair Manual - Haynes This repair manual covers Kawasaki Vulcan 700 1985, Vulcan 750 1985-2004, Vulcan 800 1995-2004, Vulcan 800 Classic 1996-2002, and Vulcan 800 Drifter 1999-2004. Repair Manuals Online Repair Manuals Online
Riser Height Vulcan Drifter riser height is 2" from centerline of bar to mounting base.
Risers and Beach Bars Risers and Beach bars - video
Rotor cover(classic) on the drifter Install classic rotor cover on the drifter.
Saddlebag Bracket Adaptors for the Corbin Solo Saddlebag Bracket Adaptors for the Corbin Solo (KD8-S) on a Drifter 800
Saddlebag Bracket Plans Plans for making your own Vulcan Drifter saddlebag brackets.
Saddlebag Mounting Setups and Hardware Sources Information on various saddlebag setups and mods
SaddleBag Setup Pics Shows how the kawasaki saddlebag mounts with seat bracket, kaw solo, rack and backrest.
Saddlebags - Nomad Hardbags on 1500 Drifter NOMAD BAGS ON THE DRIFTER 1500 for SOLO and TWO-UP RIDING. PDF
Seat - Installing a Nomad solo seat on a drifter Installing a Nomad solo seat on a drifter
Seat - Mustang Seat on a Drifter This mod illustrates you can put a mustang seat on a drifter with a little work.
Seat Bracket This is the seat tab bracket that is not available except with a new seat.
Seats This page has pictures and info on all known Kawasaki Vulcan Drifter 1500 and 800 seats.
Service Manuals Service manuals for 800 and 1500
Shaft Cover on Drifter Vulcan classic Shaft Cover on a Drifter. Yes it will work but you have to do some trimming.
Signal Visors - cheap Came up with a cheap visor . These were at a local auto parts store for a couple bucks. They're made for a 2" clearance lite. Cut it in half, a little grinding on the bench grinder, drill a hole in the top center to take
Spark plug color chart Spark plug color chart
Spark Plug Cross Reference Spark plug cross reference for the 800 and 1500 drifter
Speedo Cable Problem Fix Early Drifter speedometers were analog with a cable. Many folks reported broken cables. Here's the info.
Spot Light Mod Want amber spotlights in your Kawasaki F&S lightbar? Here are a few tips…
Starter Motor Removal - Without Draining Radiator You don't need to drain the radiator to get the starter motor out. Remove the starter motor wire, and the single-wire switch on bottom of radiator.
Starting a Motorcycle with a Dead Battery Starting a Motorcycle with a Dead Battery
Steering neck zerk fitting Installation of a zerk fitting in the steering neck of a drifter.
Steering Stem Nut Adjustment Steering Stem Nut Adjustment
Suicide Shifter Roll your own Suicide Shifter
Suspension Heights OEM suspension heights for Vulcans
Swingarm Removal Swingarm removal.
Swingarm Zerk Fitting Installation Swingarm zerk fitting installation.
Switch Housings Install Install of Big Bike Parts Chrome Switch housings (not covers) on Drifter 1500.
Tach - Install Drag Specialties Tach Description of Drag Specialty Tach install. No pics
Tank Badge Removal Tank badges, taking them off and putting them back on. Every now and then (quite often it seems) people ask about the removing of tank badges. The following is the tried and true method.
Thermostat/Cooling Fan - Info on Temperatures  The thermostat opens and closes to keep the coolant within operating range. The thermostat starts opening at 136-144F (58-62C) and is fully open at about 167F (75C).
Throttle Cable Replacement It wont take longer then 30minutes to replace / exchange the cables - ignoring taking the tank off, loosening the cables and all that stuff to work easy and freely!
Tire Guide All you ever wanted to know about motorcycle tires.
Tire Size Conversion Tire sizing and reading sidewall information. Sizing Conversions and tips.
Tire Upgrades Metzeler has recommendations for upgrading OEM tires. This includes some radial/bias ply mixes which Metz has tested and recommends. Includes Stage 1 and Stage 2 upgrades. This is a PDF file.
Tool - Using the Mityvac Greenbarn's tips for using the MityVac to replace brake fluid.
Turn Signal Bracket 49Reo turn signal bracket
Turn Signals and Spots This mod integrates the front turn signals with the spots. Denny Berg did a similar mod on the Super Chief. "I simply knocked out the halogen bulb socket and epoxy-ed in a #1157 s
U-Joint Repair/Replacement - Drifter 1500 Vintage gadget mod, replacement of the u-joint in a 1500. Typically you have to buy more than just the u-joint. This is a mod that shows how to acquire a usable u-joint and replace the existing.
Vulcan Parts Cross Reference These parts are reported by Drifter Riders to be compatible with the Drifter. We have NOT confirmed all of these, so use your own judgement.
WEBSITE Reference Resource with loads of information for building your own motorcycle seat.
Wheels - Mak's adaptation of Meanstreak wheels to the Vulcan Drifter Mak's adaptation of Meanstreak wheels to the Vulcan Drifter
Wheels compatible with Drifter Various wheels which are compatible with the Drifter
Windshield - How to Clean Plexiglas Windshields on Motorcycles Cleaning Plexiglas on a motorcycle is a delicate procedure that requires the proper type of scratch-free cloth and chemicals to keep the surfaced polished.
Windshield - Kawasaki INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS P/N K46001-038 VN800 and VN1500 Drifter Windshield Windshield - INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONSP/N K46001-038VN800 and VN1500Drifter Windshield, Chrome Trim
Windshield - Polycarbonate vs. Acrylic – National Cycle Windshield Demo See why you should be using a Motorcycle Windshield made out of Polycarbonate instead of Acrylic.
Windshield Cleaning and maintenance Here is some info from Kawasaki which may be of value concerning cleaning and maintaining plastic windshields...
Winterize Your Motorcycle Tech Tip Maintenance How To Winterize your Motorcycle Tech Tip – J&P Cycles has put together this video to show you how to get your Motorcycle ready for winter. Tires, Fluids, Battery, Security and more.
Wire and Wiring Information Wire and wiring information for electrical and audio projects.
Zerk Grease Fittings - Drifter 800  The grease fittings for the Vulcan 800 swingarm are 6mm 1.0. They are available as of this posting from Bike Bandit at $1.80 ea.
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