Cylinder Head Plug Oil Leak Repair

- Rickalloway - Delphiforums

- Hoss - Mark Lockwood


For an oil leak around the plug at the top of your 1500 cylinders. Plug is about the size of a Half-dollar, located on the right side of rear cylinder, left side of front cylinder. The plug is hard to see as most of it is covered by the chrome head cover.


  • Brake Cleaner or Rubbing Alcohol & rag or paper towels, to clean well (twice is best). Apply cleaner to rag, not to cylinder directly,splash is bad for your paint.
  • Permatex brand, Ultra Black, High-Temp RTV Silicone Gasket Maker (mine was from Auto-Zone).
  • Small metal Spatula or home made cardboard spatulas. (Like for Cake Icing but narrow.)
  • Mirror and Light to shine/see up under the Chrome head cover.


Clean the area with Brake Cleaner or Rubbing Alcohol on a Rag or Paper towel. Do it twice to be sure the area is clean. Now let it dry COMPLETELY. (Alcohol dries quickest.)

With the applicator tip cut to a small opening, apply silicone around the edge of the plug. I think you will find it is near impossible to reach the very top of the plug. This is why you need the Spatula. I later found (on my third coat to rear cylinder plug), you can also apply the Gasket Maker to the Spatula and wipe it, gently in place. If you have come this far, you know why you need the Mirror & Light or you have not seen the very top of the plug. Once the silicone is applied, let it dry & cure for at least 24 hours. Check Permatex instructions for dry/cure times & conditions.

Where you can, wipe off excess or smears as you go. If it means touching the wet silicone cover, let it cure where it is. It will scrape off when dried, with a dull butter knife or clean spatula edge, like from cylinder cooling fins. Good idea to keep paper towels handy to wipe off spatula and smears/hands as you go.

The front cylinder plug on left side of my bike was leaking very little & fixed on first try. The rear cylinder on right side of bike which had leaked the most was a BEAR to fix, took 3 coats to get good coverage. With cleaning any oil which came out on each try. Right now it is doing the job of stopping the leak for me. Some have said to have this repair in place for over 3 years and it still has not failed.

Good Luck & be patient as you work.

- Rick




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