Oil Leak Detection

- SmokeyStrodt DVF

Here's the procedure we used to find oil leaks when I was a service tech at Doug's Cycle Shop in Salisbury, MO: Clean the area all around the leak and remember that oil can migrate along cylinder fins, gasket surfaces, etc. This means CLEAN enough to eat off of. Next spray some spray foot powder all over the area where you suspect the leak may be and let it dry to a white powder. Then start the engine and watch for any spots to appear in the powder.

Using this procedure we almost always got the leak fixed on the first try. We found things like a porous engine case 1/8" from the crankcase split and fixed it without assuming it was the case sealer, which would have meant splitting the cases, resealing them, assembling, and then having it leak again.

It's a simple procedure, give it a try, it really works.



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