Mod to use Nomad seat (pre-2005) on a Drifter 1500

- Tirrell Rynkiewicz


Parts used:


  1. Remove seat, 2 up bracket, and in my case sissy bar, luggage rack and saddlebag brackets.
  2. Remove original tank bolt. Keep this around, will be needed to go back to 2 up.

  1. Remove collar, but leave rubber damper in place.
  2. Insert sleeve into rubber damper, it will stick out the end.
  3. Now stack rubber washers on the exposed part of sleeve and over the sleeve on the collar.  I used 12 rubber washers and 1 steel washer.  Using 14 should be perfect fit for all rubber washers.

  1. Now insert 50mm bolt into collar and screw it in.  Just for reference the original bolt is 30mm if you ever have to replace it. 

  1. If you are going to put saddlebags back on, now is the time to mount them.
  2. Slide Nomad seat on just like original seat and put the 2 rear mounting screws back in.

The seat will have about an inch gap between seat and tank.  The nomad seat doesn’t have a skirt, so the frame is exposed underneath the back.  Make sure the seat was from a Nomad 2004 and earlier, as from 05 and up the seats mount differently.   Nomad seats seem to be easier to acquire and cheaper than the stock Drifter solo, even OEM list price is cheaper.  This will give you a couple other options as far as aftermarket seats too, just sell the pillion seat on eBay. 

Hope this helps somebody.  Enjoy!



Tirrell Rynkiewicz

2000 Drifter 1500


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