How to install a Mustang seat on a drifter.

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Parts list:
1) mustang seat # 75780 ( studded) or # 75785 ( plain) for a 99 to2004 nomad
1) seat bracket ( come with the mustang seat)
2) 5/16 x 3/4 bolts , nuts and washer
1) 6" long x1" x 1/8" bar steel
1) 4 1/8" long piece of 3/4" square tubing
1) 2 ½" fender washer
1) piece of rubber apx 1/8 thick x 1" x4"
You will need a two up seat frame to do this mod.

Remove your dual seat or solo and install seat frame ( solo only).

Seat Frame

To install the front seat look up the “ installing a nomad solo seat” in the mod and tip section. The only thing you will do differently is the first washer you will use is the fender washer. Before installing the washer you need to bend a 1/4' lip at the bottom and remove a 1/4" to 3/8 at the top. ( see photo) you will need to remove the front seat before installing the passenger seat.


Installing the passenger seat:
Take the black seat bracket and set it on the square tubing use the piece of bar steel as a spacer. Weld the bracket to the square tubing do not weld the spacer.( See photo)
Take the bar steel and cut into three apx 2" pieces ( you will use the other two later).
In the center of the square tubing at the bottom tack weld a tab ( the bracket is the top of the piece). You will need a file to remove any slag between the bracket and the tubing. Slide the bracket you just made over the black metal tab at the rear of the seat.
It should fit tight I had to slightly tap it on with a hammer.(see photo)



Find the center of the removable metal brace that is on the Drifter seat frame. Measure up from the front ½” on the center line and drill a 5/16" hole. Use a rat tail file to widen the slot in the chrome tab at the front of the mustang rear seat. Place the seat on the bike install the 5/16 bolt and slide the seat as far forward as possible. From under the seat mark the centers of the two rubber bumper on the brace. Remove the brace and tack weld the two tabs to the brace . The tabs should be centered and even with the top of the brace.
Reinstall the brace and seat, bolt the seat down. Adjust the front tabs so they are supporting the bumpers. The rear tab should be centered over the bolt slot on the seat frame bend it down until it touches. Mark the slot on the tab you will drill a 5/16" hole in the tab after welding it. Remove seat, rear bracket and brace , weld tabs and grind as needed. Drill hole. Place the piece of rubber on the seat frame ( see photo) and reassemble and bolt down.


The leather fringe was glued to the back seat using FABRI-TAC ( available at walmart).



Welding Skills Needed.

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