Drifter 800 (Mono) Shock Replacement.

- Courtesy of Tripwire via the VDR Forum


>Here is how my rear shock replacement went:
Note:The instructions I have seen online say you need to remove the exhaust but I was about to replace the rear shock without having to remove it. My bike has the stock exhaust pipes so if you have custom pipes your results may vary.


1) Placed bike on motorcycle lift and lift it just enough to stabilize the bike. Both of my tire were still on the ground.

2) Remove seat. You probably don't need to remove the seat but it sure makes it easier work on the upper shock bolt.

3) Remove the 3 screws that hold the front half of the storage box

4) Remove the 4 bolts that attach the storage box to the frame.

5) Remove the nut from the Tie-Rod bolt and then slowly lift bike until you can remove the bolt without too much effort. You may have to go up and down a little to find the position where the bolt will come free.

6) Remove the lower shock bolt

7) Remove the upper shock bolt

8) Remove the shock

Reinstall Process

9) Pack the rocker arm needle bearings with grease

10) Install upper shock bolt and torque to 43ft-lbs. Because it's a tight space I found it easier to lift the shock into place and use nail set or smaller bolt to hold it in place. Then insert the correct bolt when backing out the temporary.

11) Install lower shock bolt and torque to 43ft-lbs

12) Lower or raise the bike until the Tie-Rod holes line up and then insert the bolt and torque to 43ft-lbs

I installed a Progressive 465 series rear shock. Adjusting preload looks almost impossible while the shock is on the bike so I hope I guessed correctly otherwise. Looks like I may need to remove the shock to adjust the preload.  Is there an easy way to adjust preload that I haven't found?

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