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The are personal pages and sites of our members.
Mak Motorcycle Design

Mak has 3 customized Drifters. This site shows them and the parts used in the process.

DrifterDon's install of Electrical Connection's Turn Signal Conversion Kit

JoBear's personal page. Personal info, info on JBs Drifter and Nomad.





These are commercial sites belonging to VDR or forum members. .

This is our site for bike gear.

Gold and Silver jewelry. Fantasy, Celtic, Norse, Animal, Rune, Lord of the Rings, and many others represented. Other good stuff as well.

Firearm accessories, knife, hunting, camping, optics, lighters, LEO, military and tactical gear and much more.

Mexican seasoning for fruits and vegetables. These are honestly good. I keep a variety on hand.

Out of the Doghouse Grooming

Exceptional dog grooming services. Located at: 199 Main St., Borden-Carleton, PE C0B 1X0

Ted's Design - Drifter Products

Ted is now retired and only produces stuff on a pre-order basis during the summer. He has a few things in inventory, but you may have to wait for what you want. It is worth the wait. Prices may not still be valid. Check with Ted.



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