Accessories List

Custom Parts

Ignition keys Mak        
Tankbadge CAE Custom made;      
Tankbadge CAE Custom made        
Solo Seat Corbin Colour: Tan Mat: Leather Feature: MAK stitching      
Paint Job   Aspen White Pearl      
Handlebar P&D Custom made to measure      
Handlebar P&D Custom made to measure      
Stainless Steel
Brake & Clutch Lines
Goodridge made to measure      
Paint Job            
Backrest   Upholstered tan by Osprey      
Tool Pouch Osprey          
Cargo Roll, Custom Spec Osprey          
Cargo Roll, Custom Spec Heathers Leathers          
Meanstreak Wheels Kevin, VROC        
Respoking with Twisted spokes Devon Rim Company        
Meanstreak parts          
Meanstreak Exhaust          
Widened Tank P&D Customs          
Ignition Relocation Own          

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