JoBear's Ignition Switch Relocation

- JoBear

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2000 Drifter

This is the Thunder Mfg. Dash mount ignition switch on my 2000 Kawasaki Nomad FI (4.2 gallon tank and mechanical speedometer cable)


HD Switch

The H-D style switch mounts upside down so the door opens opposite from those on Harleys

Thunder Switch Diagram

This is the wiring diagram I made of my Thunder Mfg. Ignition harness. It shows the 100 Ohm resistor in-line in the yellow wire. Thunder did a good job with these new plug-n-play harnesses. I haven't had a problem with the infamous resistor in the five years I've had mine installed, but just in case, I carry a spare harness in my left side panel.

OEM plug

This picture shows the Thunder Mfg. harness which has the Kawi OEM plug on one end and the slip on connectors on the other. This makes the harness 'plug-n-play' for the connection to the Kawasaki wiring harness.


OEM plug

A close up view of the OEM style plug and the five wires. The wire colors appear to be red, yellow, white, brown and blue with the sixth slot open or free.


Thunder Swithc

The Thunder Mfg. switch and panel viewed from the back.


The Thunder Mfg. switch mounts from the back via four screws and has three electrical connections


Note: As of the end of year 2007, I've heard from others that Thunder Mfg. no longer provides the harness as a plug-n-play version. It appears the company they used is no longer in business or is no longer making them for Thunder Mfg

An alternative is to cut the connector harness off as close as possible to your stock OEM Kawasaki ignition; do not at the connector plug end. You will end up with an ignition switch in one hand and a harness (with the connector plug attached) in the other hand. You will then wire the switch harness to the Harley style ignition switch following the wiring diagram above and pictures on this page. Ignore the wire colors used by Thunder Mfg. in the wiring diagram above. Be sure to include the 100-ohm ½ watt resistor as shown. Retaining the connector plug from the old OEM Kawasaki ignition switch will ensure your Harley style ignition switch is plug-n-play with the chassis harness on your bike.



Ignition switch

This is a close up of the connections to the Thunder Mfg. switch. You can see the red and the white wires. The heat shrink is hiding the infamous resistor on the third connection.



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