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This is CDNratman's installation of the elusive and hard to find front hub cover. This works with the 800 and should work with the 1999/2000 1500. Not for any other 1500.

NOTE From CDNratman: I was lucky to get this from Malcolm in the UK. He does make a few at odd times and does sell them. But you can buy the cover off of eBay and then see about contacting him and see if he has any of the connectors for sale.

To fit the hub covers..

1.. take out the wheel..

2.. remove the speedo drive from the wheel.

3.. fit the hub and fixing ring to the drive from the rear of the speedo drive.

4.. place on the wheel, push hub towards the spokes amd mark the position on
the drive..

5.. take off drive and hub cover..

6.. move hub forward 6mm on the drive and grub screw into position.

7.. now fit drive and hub back onto the wheel

8.. fit wheel back onto the bike.

No hub cover


Bike without hub cover installed

hub cover

This is the hub cover from the outside and you can see the three screws that will hold the hub cover in place., If you buy your own screws make sure that the heads are as flat as you can get them as there is not much space when the wheel is turning and you can cause some damage to the speedo hub.

hub cover back

This picture is the hub cover from the inside and you can see the three grub screws that will hold the whole unit to the wheel hub. I used blue thread lock on these screws.


Hub cover connector in place on the front hub and being secured with the grub screws on the hub.

hub cover back

The front hub connecter secured and in place. You can also see the three screw holes to mount the actual hub cover in place.

hub cover

Sixth picture shows the setup just prior to the axel being set in place and you see the screws holding the cover in place and again I used blue thread lock to secure the screws. The hub cover should set up tight to the spokes.

hub cover

The Seventh picture shows everything back in place, at this time a good idea is to use a lift and get the front tire off the ground, and slowly spin the tire to ensure that the cover screws do not hit the speedo drive nose. If you look lose in the last 2 pictures you will see a really cool person (CDNratman!) taking the pictures…lol.

hub cover

This is the completed wheel at a distance and you can see the nice finished look the hub cover gives the Drifter front end.

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