I've located two commercial sources which claim to be able to provide a hitch for the drifter (1500 and 800).


They sell one PN 145 for drifters, cost is $235.00 with about $40 shipping. These are chrome.

You have to call them to order. Call 954-784-0119 - Jean Prudhomme.


Pic 1 - Overview
Pic 2 - Ball/Platform
Pic 3 - End connector


They sell one made by Classic Industries in Australia.


You can also get these direct from Classic Industries.

  • Part No TK30
  • Classic hitches are supplied with 1 7/8 Chrome towball, trailer/bike electrical connecting plugs, wiring harness & are fully ADR complianced.
  • All units are bolt on (No drilling or welding)
  • The hitches are load rated to 230kg or 500lb
  • This is a platform type hitch made from 5/8" solid bar and 3/8" plate.
  • If possible hitches are supplied with a fitting and wiring guide.
  • If replacement bolts are required these are usually supplied.
  • With 150+ hitches it has not been possible to make fitting guides for them all yet.
  • They are available in gloss black powdercoat for US$276.30, Or quad plate chrome for US$395.89.The difference for chrome is for the higher grade steel and for polishing before plating.
  • Packing & freight to the USA is US$115.47. Delivery takes about 5 -10 days
  • Payment can be made by M/C Visa

Obviously these prices etc. may change depending upon when you are reading this. Prices may vary slightly due to exchange rates on the day of transaction

To order just email Fax or call them with your details.

Steve & Lyn Kitney
Classic Industries Australia
Ph 61 (0)7 5472 7266

Fax 61 (0)7 5472 7299
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