Indian Headlight Install

- Ridermike VDR# 76 (Grimace)(Delphi Vulcan Drifter Forum)

RiderMike has successfully transplanted a headlight for the Gilroy Indian Scout or Spirit onto the Drifter.

Downloadable PDF

Parts: We've left the links to J&P in, but you will have to search for these parts at this point. Ebay lists the headlight periodically.

Headlight - PN 990-909

Existing Drifter Mounting plate -

Adapter Block - P/N

Nabu and others have the nacelle and teardrop light from Doss. I have just an Indian headlight from JP Cycle and others. I removed the stock assembly leaving the original mounting bracket. Bought a generic headlight mounting block from JP Cycles. Drill one hole on the original bracket and mount. Kind of looks like a springer head light.

Headlight Mod
Headlight 2




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