Headlight Rattle Fixes

- TabascoStan DRF

What your descibing with headlight sounds normal as I know it. On mine the headlight housing is plastic so just the least bit of wire rattling against it resonates. I cured mine this way. Lined inside of headlight with some thin foam sheets, available at Wal-Mart in craft area(very cheap, avail. in black), cut with sisscors to fit. Be sure to protect opening in back of headlight where wires come in. I covered most all the insides as possible. 2 pieces with seam in middle at bottom. A few little pieces of double stick will easily hold in place. Also used some small wire ties to sorta group wire clusters together. This made a big difference. Oh be sure and place a protective cover(towel?) over front fender incase something drops.

Also some have had problems with back of front fender rattling on brace inside fender. Same foam folded may work for ya there. I though that's where my rattle was from till realized it was headlight.

- Virg DRF

If I remember right there is a rubber pad under the head light bucket. I had to add a rubber piece on the inside as well under the inner retaining plate that has the 4 threaded screws sticking out of it. Then adding the the mouse pad - glued to the bottom inside of the bucket about 1/2 way up on each side covering the bottom. It keeps the wires and plugs from rattling, Kind of makes the head light a lot more dense and stops almost all of the vibration of the head light plastic.

Also you might want to check out your front fender they tend to rattle as well. there are two rubber dampers; one mounted on each side of the rear of the front fender on the U shaped support. Many of the Drifters didn't get these sound deading rubber deals added to the the U shaped support from the factory. You can find two of them under your battery hold down strap. They are the very same as what the fender support uses. Then add a piece of rubber about 1/8" thick by about an inch wide under the hold down strap to replace the rubber dampers. Then remove the rear screw of the rear fender support and add the dampers to the U shaped support. This should help stop some of the front fender rattle as well.


-Gauvin2 DRF

I suffered with that damn headlight rattle for 6 years and finally fixed it the other night with a pal. It was so easy it made me sick I didn't do it sooner.

Bbasically I have a 1999 with the plastic bucket. Looking at it a little closer the plastic bucket fits OVER the headlight rim( not too snugly I might add. this is where I found the rattle to be coming from so my buddy suggested removing the rim from the bucket and I held the headlight assembly while he ran a strip of electricians tape around the rim. Then we just carefully pushed the rim back in the bucket and voila no more rattle. I guess there is that FRACTION of an inch of poor fit that causes the rattle. a little tape to fill that tiny gap and that's it. 6 YEARS it took me to figure that out. (well ok I'm a little lazy too!) but I figure that is about the easiest fix you can do. I have heard guys stuff foam in the bucket etc but this was so easy and didn't affect any wiring or whatever. I hope this helps.


-Mark G DRF

I had the same problem in my 1500 headlight which developed a rattle at low revs during the first few hundred kilmetres. It took five minutes to take the headlight out and slightly modify (bend with a pair if flat nosed pliers) the lip on the top of the chrome headlight surround that holds it into the black headlight casing. Left no marks and doesn't rattle any more.


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