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- RandallKS VDR#316 (Delphi Vulcan Drifter Forum)


I'd love to provide detailed specs on the bracket and plate dimensions, etc. but honestly, after doing the mod, the last thing I wanted to do was measure angles, fastener hole locations and all of that. So I'll just provide some generalities for this one.

Two things in advance. First, my mod requires that the rectifier be located to either the front of the frame (like on Nomads) or turned inward and mounted using only the top bracket hole. I have Roadhouse Dooleys, which come with a bracket that turns the rectifier inward, so I was already good to go. Second, there is not a lot of room for error due to space limitations, so before doing the metalwork, use cardboard for your templates, then check and recheck how things will fit together.

The Harley toolbox has a good amount of weight. Add tools into that and you have a pretty heavy package that needs good support. So I fabricated two parts. A bracket that mounts to the left rear footpeg support and the lower rectifier hole. And a plate for the toolbox.

The bracket is 1 1/2" X 1/8" aluminum strap metal. The plate was 1/8" steel sheet metal.

The bracket requires a couple of angled bends, which weren't exactly easy to achieve. I did a mock-up using cardboard and then went to work on the metal. The first try was a bust - luckily I got it on the second piece. Once the bending was done, the drill came out and I drilled a 3/8" hole in the rear and three more 1/4" holes (one for the front mount point and two for the toolbox plate). The extra hole you see in the pics was a goof. I'll live with it since it's hidden anyway and I wasn't about to go through the process of bending and shaping that bracket again.

The rear plate for the toolbox has a pretty odd shape. Mainly so that it remains hidden behind the box. It has five holes. Three 3/8" holes for the toolbox and two 1/4" holes to mount to the bracket. The shape of the plate is pretty forgiving, but the placement of the holes isn't, so take your time lining things up.


If you have Dooleys like me, you'll probably need to notch the bracket a bit so that it doesn't come into contact with the crossover pipe. You can see the notch towards the front of the bracket in the pics above. After everything was shaped and cleaned up, it got the usual paint routine.

The bracket attaches to the plate with two bolts, a couple of washers and nylon lock nuts. The fasteners for the toolbox were a bit more complex. I got the OEM Harley mounting hardware from J & P and didn't care for it. So I got creative and used some 3/8" flange bolts and some offset washers. I had a few of these laying around from old style mirror clamps. They worked perfectly.

Also added a few small rubber o-rings on the outside to absorb a bit of shock.

Once everything was tightened up, it was a breeze mounting it to the bike. A few fasteners, etc, and bang - you're all set.


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