Alternator/Generator Cover Mod for 1500

- Lorin


This mod shows how to customize the look of your Drifter by adding a unique generator cover. You have to remove the oem left side engine cover. The mod uses a spare oem airbox cover. -ed

What you need to do, is use clay or plumbers putty on the alternator cover to get the thickness of the 2 sided tape that you need to use to attach the a/c cover - sorta like if you've ever put a big cam in an engine, and have to check for valve-piston interference. 


alternator cover mod - notches alternator cover mod
Shows the slots you need to make to clear the clutch slave cylinder. and the boss around the shaft for the gearshift. Shows the 2 sided foam & 3M tape ready to peel the red backing off, and press the cover on for the last time, after putting it on & off about 10 times. 
Generator cover mod alternator cover mod
This first one (000652) was right after I did the mod. Shows a later mod that uses an Arlen Ness fluted cover. Because of the thickness, you llose the heel shifter.


- 1500 only.




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