Eliminating Exhaust Backfires

If you have replaced your pipes with aftermarket versions, or have gutted the stock pipes you may notice a backfire upon deceleration.

The first thing to do is remove the afterburner on the 800 or the reed valves on the 1500. See tips:

Replace the stock exhaust gaskets with the Kawasaki replacement or you can use the HD exhaust gasket. OEM Kawasaki Gaskets:
  • 800 - Part No. 11060-1680 (all years)
  • 1500 - Part No. 11060-1119 (all years)

Drifter owners have reported good results with the following gaskets.

HD OEM - PART # 17048-98
Honda Civic - Felpro # 60569 , autozone had them for 1.99 crush gasket.


Thanks T-Stan, Yahoo Drifter Forum. Graphic courtesy of Gadget's Fixit Page
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