Gas Cap Topper Mod

- Curt Taylor



Gas Cap Topper

I have to give credit where due, the idea came from other posts using dice, figureheads or skulls. My thought was these options did not look mechanical enough for my taste. The process was easy enough once a suitable top lever was found. I knew in my mind what I wanted but did not know where to find such a lever. The sad / funny part is I shoot an over/under shotgun competitively most every weekend and push exactly what I wanted every time I opened the gun. The exact lever (referred to as a top lock) is used to open the gun breech.

I found what eventually became my gas cap top at the local gun shop at a cost of $5.00.

NOTE: The top lock should have some sort of set screw used to hold the lever in place atop the shotgun. Remove it and set is aside for later use. The threaded portion will be removed leaving only the head.

  1. Have a replacement gas cap key made and remove the handle portion leaving only the shaft of the key.

  2. Obtain plastic or nylon washers in a diameter just under the diameter of the indentation in the gas cap.. These will be used to keep the metal toplock lever just above the level of the gas cap surface to prevent scratching.

  3. Set as many washers/ spacers in the indent as required to provide clearance between the lever and gas cap.

  4. Put the now cut off key in the lock and slip the top lock lever over it.

  5. The top lock set screw now needs to have the threads removed. You will only require a thin section of screw head that will be glued in it's original place.

  6. Determine the length and cut the key shaft. Ideally you want as much key as possible keeping it just short enough to allow the original set screw top to be put back in the original position.

  7. Now for the tricky part, Epoxy the washer/spacers the key shaft and the top lock lever together. Alignment and spacing are important. Use whatever your favorite compound might be.

  8. Lastly, epoxy what is left of the original setscrew head in it's original place. Clean and polish and never worry about the gas cap key again.

It worked out that the new gas cap key is not long enough to be used in the ignition.

Sorry but I don't have any pictures of the process, just the finished product. Please feel free to modify the pose as you see fit.



Gas Cap Topper
Gas Cap Topper


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