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Advice on fitment of Corbin seat

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Hey folks! Got the new two up seat for my 800 a few weeks ago. Corbin did a beautiful job on this seat. Set me back but....I needed to be able to give my kids and cousins the occasional ride down the road.

My problem is that the mounting holes do not line up exactly on one side. They are about half off if you know what I mean. My mind is thinking on this one to see if maybe I could shave down the rubber mounting grommets to give me some room. It doesn't look like I can move it forward anymore as the seat is right tight up against the tank (like it should be). I have removed the tank bib so that is not a problem. I feel like I might need to drill out the mounting holes and that would mean also the material around that hole, that plastic or whatever compound that is. And I really do not want to go that route. Any ideas will be gratefully accepted.

I have the two bolts attached on one side and took it for a ride around the block. It would be solid for me but if I push on the passenger section, it is not stable and being that their design is cantilevered, I really need that other side to be solid.

Tires arrived this week also so off come the fenders, tires to the shop and then a paint job, I really want a dark red bike. The seat will look good then. Of course this means that I have a Corbin solo seat for sale, and possibly a nice set of DUNN cavalry saddle bags as well.

Safe travels- Boyscout

Some 800 riders will likely help you out. I know my 1500 Corbin was really difficult to line up in the beginning but got better over a period of time. Without seeing it I wouldn't be comfortable advising you on this. The seat looks great, btw.

Gorgeous seat, indeed!
I can't help ya for your trouble, sorry...

I had the exact same issue with my two up Corbin for my 800. How I finally got it to fit?

I partially ran the mounting bolts in on the front on one side, and then the rear on the other. As I tightened them I was fitting the remaining bolts. It took a few tries, but ultimately I got it to fit. The seat pan material is super strong, so don't worry about hurting it while threading in the mounting bolt(s).

Patience, and trial and error...I finally got it to where I can change seats in five minutes.

Thanks for that advice! I'll definitely give it a try.
Smooth roads and safe travels-Boyscout


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