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New drifter owner in West Virginia


Tony M:
Hello all.  I recently bought a 2001 drifter 800 from a coworker.  The reason I decided to join this forum is because I wanted to ask around about brackets for seat and footrests to convert from solo to 2up.  Could anybody point me in the right direction?  What are the brackets I need and where could I find them?  I understand parts for these bikes can be hard to find.

Firstly, welcome aboard.
The Drifter 800 is such a cool and handling bike, with its Indian's retro style, and it's lightweight and affordable.
I own one, since 1999, and I'm really happy with her.
Secondly, as you already know, aftermarket parts are way hard to find nowadays.
As for the 2up seat bracket, you could try to hunt it on Ebay: as far as I remember, ads occasionally pop up.
Same thing about footrests, except for the fact that there are tons of any kind and shape.

Your best bet is to buy a new Corbin 2-up for your bike. To run an oem version you need to find several difficult to locate parts, which might end up being about as expensive as the Corbin. Corbin's seat actually has integral brackets. Corbins aren't for everyone, but I've used them for about 3 decades. They can get expensive, you can get it customized. You might also find one for sale here or on ebay.

You can post a Want to Buy in the Classifieds.;cat=4


Welcome to the Forum Tony, and congratulations on buying the new Drifter.  You have some beautiful roads down there in WV.

I'd second Chief's recommendation - the Corbin is a great seat option-  at least on the Drifters.  I have had friends buy them on other bikes, and they were not nearly as good (IMO),  so don't judge them by some-one else's bike, if you know of a non-Drifter Corbin.

There's also a couple facebook Drifter pages, you might ask to find either the OEM seat brackets, or a used Corbin.

Welcome, and go with the Corbin. I hunted for months trying to find all the pieces for an original two up saddle and brackets for my 800 and just wasted time.  I ended up with the Corbin. Pricey, but my girl and I have done 300 mile days with no comfort issues. Bottom line, it's worth it.


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