Selling Stuff on the VDR Forum


We have two areas for members to sell their stuff to other members.


Selling stuff here is relatively easy and free (except for selling a bike). To get to this area, click on Buy/Sell in the top navigation bar. That will take you to the Classifieds listing. There are two categories, Bikes and accessories. Listing your accessory is free. Listing your bike costs $5 for 30 days.
To keep the listings fresh and correct accessory listing are deleted after they expire - 30 days. You need to come back and hit the relist button to extend the listing if you want it to remain active. Of course if you sell the accessory, you need to mark it sold. Also note there are buttons for set price LISTING and AUCTION in the classifieds nav bar. If you want to AUCTION something, it will work basically like an ebay listing.

Bike sales are a bit different, the listing is $5 for 30 days and the listing will be deleted when it expires, so to keep it active check your listing before it expires. The expiration date will appear in the listing.

Bikes and accessories will also appear on the forum classifieds board automatically when set up in the classifieds listing area.

If you want to improve your sales potential, you can purchase a banner ad. Go to the bottom of most pages and click on the ADVERTISE YOUR, etc. HERE. OR :;sa=buyadspace


If you have a product you make or have many to sell, our VDR store might work for you. This is a bit more complicated as we act as your agent for selling the product. Fees will apply based upon the item being sold. Contact me if you are interested.
I know this is a lot, but if you have any questions please feel free to comment or PM me.


Let us know if you have any ideas.


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