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Post Pictures
« on: February 19, 2019, 13:08:09 PM »
There is two basic ways to post a picture here.

NOTE: To add a picture you must be a registered member and have made at least one post.

(1) Adding a picture to a post and,  (2) Adding pictures to your gallery.

  • Write your post
  • Look down and click on +Attachments and other options
  • Find ATTACH: and hit browse to find and select the attachment you want
  • When the name appears in the box, hit POST.
You are only allowed 6 attachments per post and each cannot exceed 30mb.

If you want to post a picture to YOUR gallery the easiest way is to select VIEW GALLERY from the left side where your avatar, name etc appears. That will take you to the MYGALLERY area of the Gallery.

  • Click on MyGallery
  • Select Add Picture in the top nav bar
  • Fill out the form
  • Select Browse from Upload Picture, find and select your upload.
Maximum file size is 30mb.

You can add pictures to the general gallery in much the same way, just find the area in which you want the picture to appear.
All uploads are moderated in the gallery so they will be held until approved. Thanks to spammers.

If you have other questions please create a new post with specifics about your problems.
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