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On Line Service Manual For The 800 Drifter!

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An online manual for the VN800: http://www2.vulcanrider.se/DL/KawasakiVN800_96-04ServiceManual.pdf

You can even download it and save it to your own computer!

Sorry, but I don't have a link to the Drifter specific add-on to this manual.

This is a great score. I wish they had my bike on the list.
Good find and great post

The Vulcan 800 link will have 90% of your bike covered. 

Looking to possibly rebuild my front forks, is it the same as in the manual for the reg. Vulcan?

   there is a whole section in the maint part that GreenBarn did to his front end and it is really easy to follow. Under References is were it should be,


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