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Title: 2009 Drift-In Motel Information
Post by: chief on March 13, 2009, 14:55:04 PM
Drift-In 2009
July 15, 16, 17 & 18
Cherokee, NC

The main motel and dog pound location will be at the "Qualla Motel".    It is operated by Phyllis and Tim.    Phyllis will answer the phone most of the time.    There are 28 rooms at this motel and 5 of them are already taken by construction workers.

All the rooms have 2 queen size beds, ac, mini fridge and microwave.    There is a pool, gazebo, bbq grills under a shelter, plenty of rooms for vehicles towing trailers.      The pool will stay open extended hours providing we quickly snatch up all the rooms.    We are allowed to have a band play, but only if all rooms are reserved right away.     I have a feeling these rooms will go fast.

I almost forgot......the Qualla motel also has 2 very nice log cabins....see picture.   They sit on a nice small river and they sleep 4 and have a full kitchen.    They get $497/2 night stay.   Maybe you can bargain for a better deal.    
There is also another motel next door to the Qualla Motel that will take more of us.    They agreed to offer us the same rates.   Its called the Pocahontas Motel.    
The rate with tax at the Qaulla & Pocahontas motels are tax included and are discounted rates given to us.     Weekdays/$ 60.50      weekend/$ 68.20      ($74.80 is their normal rate with tax).
Here is a link to check out the pics I took of both of these motels.


Contact Numbers are:

°   Qualla motel  1-828-497-5161    only call between 9am-10pm eastern time.   Tell them you need a room for drift-in 2009.    They are very nice people and if no one answers, then leave a message.  You will need a credit card to reserve the room. But they will not run your card until your arrival.    If you need to cancel, do so in no less than 48 hours or they will charge your card for 1 night.......which pretty much everyone does that.

°   Pocahontas   1-828-497-4081      bobby and connie run the place and they know me very well for the past 9 years.    They also have mini-fridges and microwaves in all the rooms.   You do not need to leave a credit card to reserve a room.     But if you need to cancel, please call them and let them know.  

There are other nicer hotels all within a 1 mile radius of the dog pound.     They are all located in Cherokee, NC.    I will let you google them and make your own choices
For those who wish to camp out or bring your rv.....a mile away is a great place called Craig's Cherokee campgrounds.          

Across the street from the Qualla motel you have a car wash, bank, chinese restaurant (all you can eat), Domino's pizza, McDonalds, Arby's. I think Taco Bell, and even a grocery store, gas station/carryout open all night long.  
Please keep in mind that Cherokee is on the Cherokee Reservation and is in Jackson County – which is a dry county.   Dry meaning you cannot buy any alcohol.    But we can drink alcohol all we want at the rally motels.      The nearest place to buy that i am aware of right now, would be Maggie Valley......a 20-30 minute ride away on the other side of a mountain called Soco Mountain.      I will see about closer places to buy.     So if at all possible, stock up before you reach C Cherokee. (I second the stock-up advice. You REALLY don’t want to have to make too may booz runs over the mountain!! – Chief)      
Now during Drift-in 2008 in Maggie Valley, many of you wanted to ride and see many places, but you had no idea where to go or what to see and best roads to take.     Well, one of our sponsors for Drift-In this year is Wayne.     Wayne use to ride a drifter 1500.    Very nice guy.   What he does is rides all the roads in the area to find out which ones are best for bikers only.     And he makes maps for bikers.     Now he is giving each of us 20% off his maps.    Now i have a few of his maps.     I think they are a good deal.      Here's what i am going to do.     I will copy and paste his email here, so you can all go to his site and check it out.    If you order, make sure you put in the coupon code:"drifter".
Coupon code is: drifter
coupons must be redeemed through America Rides Maps secure on-line store
They are not available from the other pages of the web site, all of which offer options for direct purchases. Be sure to make it clear they must go to the secure on-line store section of the web site to use the coupon code. Best to use the link above to direct them to the correct address.
Offer expires July 31, 2009.
mobile: (828) 734-2164
If you have any questions, ideas, suggestions or even complaints......please direct them to me by e-mail.  
p.s.     please register online for this rally.
Title: Re: 2009 Drift-In Motel Information
Post by: chief on March 16, 2009, 16:18:17 PM
Ok everyone....just want to keep you all updated with everything.

I have us a 3rd motel called "Frontier Motor Lodge". It is less than a mile away from the dog pound. The owners of the dog pound just bought this one. It does have a pool, but no fidges or microwaves and owners are undecided now if they will put some in. The room prices will stay the same as the dog pound and Pocahontas........weekdays/$ 60.50 weekend/$ 68.20.  You will need to call Phyllis at the Qualla Motel (dog pound) to make reservations there.

You can walk to a pancake house, buffet restaurant, get a tattoo from one of our sponsors and even do laundry.

It is located directly across the street from the casino so the rooms will book fast.

I cannot emphasize enough  here,,,,,,if you do not make reservations now at any of the 3 places that will hold us all, then you will have to find other places to stay.....some of which (if you are on a budget) may cost you more and the rooms will be very ratty!!!! Please make reservations now and don't wait till last minute.

I found us a nice banquet room....actually a full service buffet style restaurant that has the best ribs in all of north carolina!!!


I got us all a good discount and you can purchase a ticket at the dog pound for entry for $11. Please help us out with paying with a $10 bill and a $1 bill if possible. This way we don't have to carry/count a gazzilion dollar bills!!!!

Buffet style banquet rooms are not easy to come by in Cherokee at the height of the tourist season. So in order for us to have most of the place to ourselves we need to start dinner 4-4:15pm on Saturday July 18. Their big crowds start coming in around 5:30-6:00.....this place seats 150 people. I have also arranged with the management to give our group coupons for discounts there during the rally only.

The bike show will be Saturday, starting about noon and will be about  3 miles away from the dog pound. It will also be open to the general public. The sponsors, Carl and Nancy,  own the Smokey Mtn connection,  which sells all kinds of biker merchandise and apparel. Please spend your money in there. They are always helping out the biker cause any way they can.

We are planning on having cold pop (soft drinks), water and hot dogs for real cheap. Peoples choice will include votes from the general public that come to view our bikes and talk to us all. After the show......I am trying to get together a short poker run.......I hope you will all like to do that!!!

Next to the banquet room, which is 1/4 mile from the dog pound, is the Microtel 1-800-771-7171 and their rates are from $90-$120. They are biker friendly and pet friendly to......just no great danes!!! They do have a killer continental breakfast, pool, free coffee 24 hours a day, and your room key gets you 10% off all your meals at the banquet restaurant. Just another option.

You can see pics of all the places I mentioned.


I did add a few more pics of the dog pound. Actually the dog pound will be located under the check-in carport area at the center of the Qualla Motel. Phyllis and Tim and the owners are bending over backwards to do what they can for us........please make them a part of our family and thank them for their hospitality.....i am sure small gifts would be nice too!!!

Oh yessss.......i have talked to Darlene Waycaster who her and her staff operate the chamber of commerce which is located right next to the Newfound Lodge (the motel that did not want to work with us). The Chamber of Commerce is where you will go to find out about more sites to see like water falls, mountains, all kinds of attractions. They will give you maps and will be of great help to you all. You can also go to their website now and order your free guide to Cherokee and the Smokey Mountains.

I hope this info helps you all out. And please start reserving your rooms not wait or you will be sorry!!!!