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  • January 16, 2021, 09:18:18 AM
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M/T - Frame and Suspension Mods/Tips

Unbind Progressive ShocksHow to improve ride with Progressive Shocks. 4110
HD Tool Box InstallInstallation of a left side HD toolbox on a duel exhaust bike.5930
Steering neck zerk fittingInstallation of a zerk fitting in the steering neck of a drifter.5430
Drifter 800 Zerk Grease FittingsThe grease fittings for the Vulcan 800 swingarm are 6mm 1.0. They are available as of this posting from Bike Bandit at $1.80 ea.4590
Adjusting 800 MonoshockHow to adjust the 800 monoshock.7190
Air Shock BalancerI like my air shocks on my Vulcan Drifter, but keeping them balanced and charging them up when going from 1 to 2-up was a bit of a drag. AFB1 Air Shock Balance Kit is no longer available.5490
Air Shock CompressorRetro's Air shock adjuster. No pic. Saved from old vdog site, pics not saved.4700
Air Shock Pressure GaugeAir shock pressure guage used in conjunction with air fork balance kit.4850
Greenbarn's Fork Spring Replacement and Fluid Change Front shock project.13202
Vulcan Drifter - Installing Progressive SpringsInstalling Progressive springs in front forks.5130
Oil in Air ShocksOil in Air Shocks4850
1500 Air Shocks Pressures and infoIts important to set up the suspension properly.5560
800 Rear (mono) Shock Removal / ReinstallationThis is Tripwire's walk-through for removal, replacement, and/or re-installation of the mono-shock on the Drifter 800.4560
Progressive Suspension Street Fork Spring Installation InstructionsInstructions for installing street fork springs. This is a PDF file which will autodownload for most users. 4510
Vulcan Suspension HeightsOEM suspension heights for Vulcans5080
Knobs!Make your own knobs for various parts of the bike. 5720
Lay Down License Plate ModLay Down License Plate Mod5930
Remove SwingarmSwingarm removal. 4451
Swingarm Zerk Fitting InstallationSwingarm zerk fitting installation. 4970
Steering Stem Nut AdjustmentSteering Stem Nut Adjustment5010
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