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  • January 24, 2021, 23:15:52 PM
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M/T - Brakes, Clutch

Classic and Drifter Rotors InterchangeableThe brake rotors are interchangeable between the Classic and the Drifter. Difference is drilled and "spoked" on the Classic vs smooth and solid on the Drifter.6450
Clutch Part NumbersPart numbers for clutch spring replacement.5590
Clutch Drags after Clutch ReplacementOEM Clutch Drags after Clutch Replacement6180
Sticky Clutch FixSticky clutch fix6850
Brake Fluid Change - VideoHow to Change Motorcycle Brake Fluid5480
Clutch Spring ReplacementClutch spring replacement. Includes info on improved OEM springs, Judge's washers, and MS spring. *14081
Brake Pad Replacement And Bleeding If neededBrake Pad Replacement And Bleeding If needed. Pads are the same for the 800 and the 1500. *6070
Motorcycle Brake Fluid grades explained.Motorcycle Brake Fluid grades explained.  Motorcyclist Magazine off-site video. 4080
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