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Saddlebags, Racks, and Hardware

Cavalry Custom Kawasaki Vulcan Drifter 800/1500 Saddle Bag Support BracketsThese high quality triple dipped chrome brackets are produced from heavy gauge steel. [/size]Fits: '00-up Vulcan 800 Drifter and '99-up Vulcan 1500 Drifter Models **Distance between14740
Scootworks Drifter 400/800 Saddlebag Mounting KitScootworks NEW DETACHABLE mounting system supports saddlebags independently of the rear suspension, so saddle bags don't move up and down with the rear wheel. No more bouncing of your saddlebag contents with the rear suspensi10240
Viking Bags Saddlebags for many bikesSaddlebags for many bikes.10040
EasyBrackets Saddlebag BracketsInfo on Easy Brackets saddlebag brackets7890
Osprey Limited Osprey SaddlebagsHand crafted custom saddlebags11960
Leather Connexion Leather Accessories ConnexionCustom leather saddlebags for Kawasaki Drifter 1500 motorcycles7650
Leatherworks, Inc Motorcycle SaddlebagsAmerican Made Leather Motorcycle Saddlebags made to your specifications by The Leatherworks. The Leatherworks is your source for custom made motorcycle saddle bags and motorcycle accessories.12780
Auburn Leather SaddlebagsAll leather saddlebags and accessories are [/size]made from the finest 9/10 oz. hand selected U.S. steer hide available.10830
Tsukaya Hard SaddlebagsThis site has hard saddle bags, touring trunks and other items which can be adapted to the Drifter10220
Scootworks Fender rack for DrifterThese racks are fender racks made for the drifter. There are other racks on this page as well. Look toward the bottom of the page for racks.10600
Wompus Racks Wompus RacksWompus Racks. If you need a heavy duty rack for your ride, you have come to the right place. These racks will hold any size trunk you want to put on them with ease.8670
Motherwell Products Solo luggage rackThese racks aren't made for the vulcan or drifter but can be adapted. Solo luggage rack15080
Frank's Leather Windshield BagsWindshield Bags are made from 5/32" thick (10-ounce) Latigo leather.5270
Frank's Leather Fork Mounted Tool BagsTool Bags may be ordered in three sizes: Small Tool Bag, Medium Tool Bag or Large Tool Bag.[/size]5000
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