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What is your job?

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Over the years I have observed bikers have some pretty interesting occupations. So what is your job... feel free to name companies if you wish, but tell us something about your job and whether you like it or not.

I'll start:

When I left the Navy I was lucky enough to get involved in Occupational Safety and Health. I have a National Board certification as a boiler inspector, but moved on to get my Certified Safey Professional (CSP) and Certified Professional Environmental Auditor certs. I worked in the field for major providers for 20 years. I am President and CEO of Saftek Inc which is an occupational safety and health consulting firm. Saftek was founded in 1992 as a BBS providing online resources for safety professionals. We expanded operations and incorporated in 1998.

Saftek also has a web development facility. We have several online stores and build stores and web sites for other individuals and companies. I really am more personally involved in this aspect of the company, having turned over the day-to-day safety work to others. This gives me the time and opportunity to support the avocations I enjoy the most.

Saftek sponsors the VDR web site, forum, etc. The associated stores help support the sites as well.

I really enjoy my work nowadays. I work from home 99.9% of the time and get to talk about guns, motorcycles and computers all day. Occasionally, I will have to dress up and make a safety presentation, or fight a few fires - but into everyone's life a little rain must fall.


 I work at Walt Disney World, have been there for the last 34 years! i started pumping gas at the WDW station. fromthere moved into theme park maint. over the years my specialty became the different roller coasters on the property. now for a change i went to work at the Magic Kingdom Parade Maint building. keeping the shows going on!!!

Just on of those IT geeks now, been doing the IT thing since 1995.  Before that I was in the US Army, 55D - Explosive Ordinance Disposal, aka Bomb Squad.

I married young, had 3 kids, and ran an in home daycare for 15 years after the divorce so I could stay home and raise my kids.  When they hit High School, I figured it was time to find something for myself.  I found a job doing accounts recieveable and billing and coding for an oil field service company, one of those companies that locates underground natural gas lines so that they don't get dug up. 

My dad started Motorcycle Accessories (thats the name of the dealership) when I was 12(30 years ago.  He retired in 2007 and sold the dealership to my younger brother who called me and asked me to run the office for him.  So my husband and I quit our jobs, sold our house and moved the whole family here to do just that.  So now I am the Office Manager for a Motorcycle Dealership, we don't handle any of the main lines, we do mostly used bikes, but we have a big service dept and huge into the parts and accessories for all kinds of powersports ...bikes, 4 wheelers, scooters, mopeds, etc.  I also manage our website (http://www.motorcycleaccessoriesgj.com ) and I do all the title/registration paperwork on all bike sales, and I handle all the in house financing. 

I love my job MOST of the time, in every life some rain must fall, but over all how much more fun could there be....I get to help people with their passion, and riding is a passion, its in the blood, almost in the DNA I think, you either have the biker chromosome, or you don't,  and I get to meet some of the most interesing people ever!!!

Started with the company I am presently working for almost 29 years ago; the company I work for is in the natural gas transportation (pipeline) end of things; I started as a pipeliner, move into compressor stations, apprenticed and acheived qualification as a millwright, then as a welder; presently working as a "Turnaround Coordinator"; every three years we shut down and totally repair/rebuild all equipment in our facilities; ties me to a computer to earn my living and really restricts my riding time; long days, and some weekends. We have a very restricted time schedule for preparing for the turnaround and only so many days to do all the work during turnaround. But, like Chief says; into every life some rain must fall;
Regards and such,
49Reo ;D


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