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2002 Drifter Pipes


Michael Brett Scott:
Picking my 2002 Drifter 1500 up this weekend.  Totally stoked.  I see in the forums that to install aftermarket pipes on the 1500 you need to replace the right foot peg bracket with a Vulcan Classic 1500 bracket since no one makes Drifter 1500 aftermarket exhausts anymore.  Could someone shed some light on that?  Front or rear?  Front header or rear? Photos, maybe?  THANK YOU!!!!  Looking forward to getting a number when I have a VIN. 

Changing the right rear foot peg holder to one from a Classic is a 'bolt-on' job after which any exhaust made for a Classic will fit the Drifter. It may not be easy to find the right rear peg bracket from a a Classic so you could just fab something up.  OEM  classic bracket is nice though as, unlike the drifter rear peg bracket, it has a rubber exhaust isolater.  Why the Classic got that and the Drifter did not is a bit of a mystery.


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