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03/13/2021 -

SERVER MOVE COMPLETED:  We have completed the move to a new server. Software has been updated and we have made some changes to the look of the forum.

THEME SELECTION: You can select from 6 themes to suit yourself. Find the dropdown box at the upper right of your screen. The current default is BR Finale.

FORUM OFFLINE FOR 12 HOURS:  As luck would have it, our server provider had a problem last night so we were down for about 12 hours. If you couldn't get connected, that was why.

ARTICLES, MODS and GEAR: We are updating all the Mods and Articles. If you find a problem with any of them, please let us know.

DOWNLOADS: We have a DOWNLOADS area which is currently empty. As you may know, some of the mods listed here have downloadable PDF files links on the page. We intend to add those links to the downloads area as well over the next couple of months.



Just discovered some old classified listings were resurrected after our move and some others weren't appearing. Corrections have been made. 

Please make sure you RELIST your listing if it is close to expiring. Also please remove listings if you have sold your item.


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