Sell Your Bike - 90 Days -

Price $30.00
Description Advertise your bike for sale - Expires in 90 days. No Subscription. Unlimited views and impressions.

What to do:
1) Go to the Classifieds and create your classified listing.;sa=selectcat;type=listing;hint=1

2) When we see your ad payment, we will look for the Classified listing and will create a banner ad for you to assist in your sale. It will appear at the bottom of most pages on our site and gets picked up by various search engines.

3) Make sure you let us know when the bike sells. You will need to verify the ad every 90 days. you can do that by via PM or email -

4) You can contact us via the email address above if you have any questions.

Impressions Limit: Unlimited
Expire Days: 90
Ad Locations
Overall Footer This ad location shows an ad on the bottom of every page of the forum under the menu
After Last Post This ad location shows an ad after the last post on the view topic page
Bottom Message Index This ad location shows an ad at the bottom of the topics list inside a board
Board Index Bottom This ad location shows an ad only on the Board Index at the bottom after all categories have been displayed
SMF Classifieds - Below Listing This ad location shows below a listing in the Classifieds
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