Author Topic: Mother and Daughter Adventure Begins New Chapter  (Read 1346 times)

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Mother and Daughter Adventure Begins New Chapter
« on: May 17, 2020, 20:31:22 PM »
Mother and Daughter Adventure Begins New Chapter

It is not uncommon for dads to get their sons involved in motorcycling. The typical scenario involves starting those boys on small dirt bikes.  It is unconventional for mothers to get their daughters involved in motorcycling. 
Conformity is overrated.
As a parent, I feel my job is to give my daughter the broadest set of opportunities that I can. Give her tools to learn.  Let her dream. And send her off into the world able to make good decisions. 

I knew this would be an exciting year of change. It has been very face paced change.   In the past 3 months, Lisa has gotten her driver’s license, has learned how to drive a stick shift car, gotten her motorcycle license, and yesterday, at the tender age of 16, threw a leg over her first motorcycle.
New Bike

Lisa's first bike is a well cared for '06 Kawasaki Ninja 500. Came to us via a friend of a friend. I decided to pass on the 250 route...this girl has to ride alongside me! I hope the 500 is just the right starter bike.

Passing of the keys, thanks for the delivery Jesse!
passing keys

The next chapter of our adventure starts in a few days when I begin to teach her what she needs to know about riding that green machine as we roll forward toward our goal of riding to the BMW National Rally in Bloomsburg, PA in July to attend Camp Gears

Spot of green in the garage
Spot of Green in the Garage

to be continued...for years to come.
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