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1999 drifter 800


1999 Drifter:
I like the 800 drifter forum :)
But I see that no posts have been made :-\
looking for a sissy bar that fits solo seat
as memtioned before the 800 takes a long time to warm up, what solutions have you come up with :o

i am looking for this ? http://www.vulcandrifterriders.com/forum/index.php?topic=629.0

1999 Drifter:

I will keep an eye open for you
I see you post pics of HD key lock ;D and in one pic you show a drifter with gas gauge ;D is that a 1999 and only for Europe?

The obvious is best!  LOL
Leave the choke out until it's warm.  It starts great and runs great, it's OK with me that it takes a little time to warm up!  :)


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