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Leaky valve stem


Leaky valve stem.
Anyone had this issue? Was riding and the tire went flat (just changed to new). Limped home, added air and it was leaking out the nut on the valve stem. Tightened the nut and it sounded like when we were kids and stretched the mouth of a full balloon to make it scream. I emptied all the air from the tire, took off the nut and cleaned everything. Tightened the spokes too. All back together and it was still squealing with air. I thought faulty valve stem so brought it back to the shop that did the tires. They tell me I hit a nail but I am a bit suspicious of that - why would it be leaking out of the valve stem if I hit a nail? It let air go like a release valve on air brakes or a train...

If the rim strip is in good shape, it will seal (sort of) the air leak and protect the tube. The hole in the wheel where the stem goes through is the only place for the air to come out.

Thanks Troll - so it is set up to be self sealing (sort of)?

No, not really. The rim strip kind of seals the spoke holes, and the valve stem hole is the path of least resistance. As long as the tire remains intact, and still on the wheel, the air will mainly come out around the valve stem.

Good to know thanks.
I really appreciate you and all of your knowledge!


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