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Help!!!ECU Problem

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Troll, thanks again, you're a gent. My wife tried to order a Clymer manual on eBay it was $20.Dispite her pleading, he wouldn't ship it to us for some reason. So I have a very cheeky request: if I bought it, could I have it sent to you and then send you the money for shipping to the UK and get you to send it over to me? I'll give you something for your time too.
Feel free to say "no" though, I won't be offended. The forum wouldn't let me PM you  ;)

I have a Kawasaki manual, if you like I'll ship it to you. Gratis!!

I have both a paper version and a .PDF copy. All I need is your email and I will send you the .pdf.

Wow thank you both!! I'd appreciate both the PDF and the paper one please. My email is
I've taken off the right side air filter cover where the homemade filter was. It was a chunk of foam! But I've also discovered that when the original owner had removed the Kawasaki one and modified an Indian one to fit, he'd unplugged the wire that reads the air temperature. Hed also disconnected two breather pipes from that two. So the FI light was never going to go out and the fuelling always wrong.
I've taken the tank off and am trying to trace if the wire is there at all or if he cut it. I'm tracing it back to the ECU but the manual will really help.
It may be that when the dealer has it back that we get them to order the original Kawasaki one, reinstate the wire and the breather pipes. Whatever, I think most of the profit the dealer made will be eaten up sorting this out!
Turns out the bike was imported from the US in 2014. I think it was Indianised in the States and so it may be a bike you know. I'll post some photos when I can work out how.
THANKS GUYS! You're the best!!!

Kinda figured it was more of a sensor issue than an ECU issue. Too bad the lazy "tech" at the dealer didn't think to look before ordering a part that almost never fails...


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