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So I can see from the link that the rear wheel from a '95 Vulcan goes straight in with no mods, but can't see anything about the front. Am I correct in the assumption that as the rear fits, so does the front?
That must mean the speedo must fit on the front wheel?
Sorry for all the 1000's questions but I can do most mechanical things once I know what's what, but sapping wheels etc is new to me.

Vulcan classic uses a 19" front wheel and a 15" rear. The Drifter is 16" at each end. The width of the rim, as well as the diameter makes a difference. The rear on both the 15" and the 16"  wheels is 3.5. The front on the drifter is 3" x16"...the classic runs a taller, narrow tire. Not sure of the rim width, but for that tire, it's usually 2 1/2 inches...

Ah ok I see. It may be that I just have my spoke wheels refurbished then. I just don't like spokes and tubes safety wise.

Hopefully these attach

Nope, that didn't work, I'll try again


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