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Ok, so now I know you're a great bunch - really knowledgeable and really helpful. I know I'm asking a ton of questions, but I'm sure you're aware the UK branch of the forum is pretty extinct.
I've spoken to the only big accessories and parts importer in the UK just now. There are no exhaust systems anywhere in the UK or USA that they are aware of. Apparently because of the age of the bike, non are left. I was hoping to put Vance & Hines or Cobra on - it currently has stock exhaust. So the dealer I bought it from had a look and said the baffles cant be drilled out of the stock exhaust. 
Any ideas fellas? I cannot stand the choked sound of stock pipes. Do you know of a shop selling new complete system?
Or do you know if the stock exhaust can be modified. Thanks in advance.

This is going to sound a little strange, but... Unless the UK systems are very different, there are no baffles to remove. The muffler has two straight through perforated pipes. Tale a long stick and put it down the pipe to convince yourself. The goat bladder, unless it's got a catalytic converter in it, has two perforated pipes coming in, with a heat shield on the left side. The pipe coming out is straight through. The biggest muffler effect is with the intake. The small left side air filter, the restricted cross over duct between the cylinders are there to further muffle the sound by minimizing the amount of air that can reach the engine. Take the R/s cover off and take it out for a ride. You will be surprised at how much louder it is...If you "marble" the AIR valve intake, that, too will increase the total sound output.

Thanks, Troll. It has got a catalytic converter.  I do wonder if, due to immisions here, it's quite a different system inside. The dealer I bought it from  had a good look and said there was  nothing they could do - they mentioned the cat was one reason. I'd like to get a full system really, if possible.

The cat is just a little biscuit matrix, easily broken with a screwdriver and a small hammer. On the 49 state systems, the goat bladder is just a collector with the perfed cores in it.

I suspect the UK version is the same as the California version here, but I don't know for sure. The vehicle inspection (MOT) in the UK (unless it has changed since I lived there) is rigorous and you may simply not be able to modify the exhaust system legally. You really need to check locally. 

If you decide to modify... here is some info which may assist you. 


IF you want to mount aftermarket pipes. Any that work on the 1500 Classic will work on a 1500 Drifter. Just buy the right side peg bracket intended for the 1500 Classic. Then buy pipes designed for the Classic.  The Classic foot peg bracket has rubber exhaust connection points which are essential for our rubber mounted engines. 


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