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Air mixture adjustment location


Air mixture adjustment location on 800?  I've had my 800 for approximately 3 years and gradually working the bugs out.  It runs relatively well.  but, doesn't idle well, so i have the idle on fast so it doesn't die.

800's have a wonderful sound at slow idle with open exhaust.  I'm trying to achieve this goal.

I was considering have my carburetor service at a shop.  i just wanted to try to adjust the air mixture on my own?  see if this would resolve the issue.  anybody know the location of the adjustment screw?  I've removed the air cleaning housing and it does not appear to be obvious.

Thanks in advance for any help.  Ernest

When I added the customized exhaust to ma-deuce, I've had to re-jet the carburetor.
And believe me, it's been a pain in the a$$, due to the absurd position of the adjustement screw: it's located on the back of the lower part of the carburetor; and you won't see it unless you uscrew the 2 screws that hold the carburetor in place, and pull the whole stuff towards you from below.
BTW: I also pull apart the gas tank, so to have more room.
I had to disassemble and then reassemble everything over and over again, untill I finally found the right mixture...
I even tried to avoid that damn job, by buyin' the instrument that you can see here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/ATTREZZO-REGOLAZIONE-VITI-ARIA-CARBURANTE-SUL-CARBURATORE-BUZZETTI-5113/391453032303
It allows you to reach the mixture screw from the back of the carburetor, passing through the cylinders.
But it's very difficult to make the necessary adjustements, as you can't see anything...

Thank-you!  8)


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